Your body doesn’t lie to you, but your mind will.

    Let’s dig into that a little further.

    For simplicity’s sake, we’re going to say that our body runs on a simple (It’s not simple at all) feedback loop system.
    You touch a hot stove, and you instantly move your hand away from that hot surface before you have to think about moving away from it.When you have a nagging shoulder or something in your back is a little tweaked for a couple days your body tells you what it needs.

    “Hey boss- a couple days rest would be great right now”

    But your mind gets in the way.

    “I’m going to miss out on that workout that looks so fun, so I’m just going to do it anyway” or “I CAN’T take 3 days off….I’ll lose all the hard work I’ve put in”

    (no, you won’t)

    But it works the other way, too.

    An interesting thing happened yesterday in class. And actually when I thought about it-it’s happened many, many times. It still never fails to pleasantly surprise me.

    The last couple of weeks the barbell has felt heavy. My travel schedule was pretty crazy in May so it’s not surprising.
    For the past 3 weeks, we’d been working on a clean & jerk complex.

    Weeks 1 and 2 I scaled my weights back. Everything felt heavy and I gave into it. For sure I was capable of moving the weights, but not as easily as I should be (in my mind). So I just stayed lighter.

    Yesterday was going in a similar fashion.

    The weights in warmup felt a little heavy. So, like the week before, I decided I’d do the first 4 lighter, and then go heavier for the last 4.
    Compromise. Bargaining. Making a deal with myself.

    Call it whatever you want- but I was backing down.

    Then, I just decided to go up. No smaller conservative jumps.

    As soon as I made that decision, the weights didn’t feel so heavy. I knew that my body would have to respond. The footwork was crisper, and the heavier weights were moving BETTER than the lighter ones in warmup.

    My body was fully capable- but my mind wanted a break. I knew it would be hard.

    This happens all the time in sports.

    When I competed in weightlifting I had my worst meets when I’d go and open conservatively. On the other hand, when I opened very aggressively, it almost always worked out.

    The NHL playoffs just finished up- if you watch hockey, you know what happens when a team goes up and then tries to protect their lead. They get scored on, and then often times they can’t the momentum back.

    I push you guys to sometimes go heavier or aim for a pace that you don’t think you can do. It’s not because I want to just make things harder for you, or that I think you can’t do it.

    Quite the opposite- I know that you can.

    Your body doesn’t lie to you, but your mind will.

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