It’s no secret that I love CrossFit.

    I was hooked since day 1. I only remember bits of those first few workouts, but I remember the feeling. “WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE”

    I wasn’t doing the movements quite right, but I had enough background to know enough to get started on my own.
    I came from track & field, and football and the training was always sport specific at practice obviously, and then I would combine it with long runs and body building split programs.  Sound familiar?

    I knew as soon as I started that this was what I needed to be doing. I found all sorts of weakness in my fitness that I didn’t really know existed.
    And all it took was a few months for the results to absolutely blow me away.

    It was then that I wanted pretty much everyone else to at least try this stuff. This was 2-2.5 years before opening our gym.
    I brought friends with me to train and taught them how to do things. I got Lacey doing CrossFit during her last year of university. Well…sort of. She thought every CrossFit workout was “Cindy” so she did one hell of a lot of pull-ups, pushups, and squats.

    When we moved to Stoney Creek and I started coaching at an affiliate I pretty much begged her to come in with me. She didn’t see what the difference was…we’d been working out at the house for a couple weeks at that point.
    I bought her 2 months- and the rest is history.

    Once I was in a gym and I didn’t need my own equipment, I gave my brother hundreds of pounds of weights, bought him a barbell, gave him a kettle bell and a couple dumbbells. Maybe some other stuff but I don’t remember. I think I may have created him a plan too.
    I later helped him find a gym in his home town as well.

    In those first few years there were SO many people I had influenced to get started. Many reached levels of fitness they’d never been before, and lots are still doing it to this day.

    The hard sell was my parents. Now keep in mind during those early years I was all about competition, so that’s kind of what they saw. Was that what they needed?? Absolutely not.

    It took a few years and truly until it became their decision. I got them set up at a gym in Kingston which was great for a while, then with my mom having surgery on her wrists, the time off turns into old habits and all of the sudden there’s no gym anymore.
    Last year I got them set up at a new gym that I believe is a better fit. We have Christmas gift spending limits as I’m sure many families do, but I didn’t care. I bought them both their first months and told them if it was going to be something they couldn’t keep up that I would figure out a way to pay for it ongoing. Thankfully they have seen the value and that hasn’t had to happen !

    Every year I get to meet a bunch of new people that are looking to make a change in their lives. So many of these people are referrals from people we are currently working with- and the family grows.

    So I ask you, who could be benefiting from what you’re doing?

    They don’t need to be local and come to Outlaw North. Many families are spread across the province, country, and sometimes further.
    Could what you’re doing help them lose weight, get stronger, quit smoking, reduce stress, kick bad habits, improve sport performance, or just plain make them live a happier life?

    I bet it could.

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