We all have stressors in our lives.

    The choices that we make can lead to this stressors, and then sometimes we just get unlucky.

    The important part is how we cope with our stressors.

    What’s your go-to after a hard day at work? Off to the gym before you crash? or home for a few beers or a bottle of wine?

    It’s easy to see that one is a way to effectively deal with stress, while the other is an escape- a little less elegant than Houdini.

    The kicker is that drowning your sorrows is easy, and passive. Getting an effective workout in is going to require attention and effort, sometimes some pain, and likely some soreness. Still better than a headache though right?

    The dangers lie not in singularity, but in the path.

    Do each of these on their own for a year or more and surely you’ll receive some attention.

    “Wow, what’s happened to you?!” can be taken in one of two ways.

    Far more important than what others think of you, is how you’re going to be feeling about yourself.

    We all go through these things. I’ve been there. Hell, I’ve been through a phase where I sort of did both…(that didn’t work too well either)

    There is no shame. Only enlightenment. We have to find the better way.

    How do you deal with your stressors?

    How can we help?

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