Saturday Group

Expect to learn in the best setting possible-  one-on-one with a highly qualified and passionate coach who is ready to listen to what you want.

The first step is a “No Sweat Intro“.
No pressure, no commitment.  Come check the place out, meet the owners and coaches, and get a feel whether this is for you or not.
We’re excited to meet you, hear about your goals, and what success will look like for you.  We’re sure we’ll be able to help.

During the initial meeting, your coach will help come up with a plan that is best suited to you. The next step is choosing one of our On-Ramp packages below.   One-on-one sessions allow the opportunity to learn at your own pace with far more attention to detail and ease new you into a new gym environment.  We are able to discuss goals, assess movement and prepare you for your next step whether that is CrossFit classes, or if you’re more comfortable in a one-on-one setting we’re happy to arrange that as well. Our aim is to give you the best opportunity for success.

You can read more about the Inbody Analysis here.


3x 60min 1on1 Sessions with expert coaches
Inbody Analysis
4x 60min 1on1 Intro Sessions with expert coaches
Inbody Analysis
Nutrition Consult
5x 60min 1on1 Sessions with expert coaches
Inbody Analysis x 2 (before & after)
Nutrition Consult



  • Am I going to be locked into a contract?

Nope! Aside from completing your first 3 months, we do not have long term contracts in place. We have a 30 day cancelation policy.

  • Do I need to be fit to start?

Absolutely not. In fact, the less fit you are the more you have to gain.
Sure the workouts are hard, but every single workout we do can be scaled or modified to any level of fitness.  This is our profession and we do this for our members every day.

If you’re already really fit, and are looking to change things up or looking for the next challenge- it’s for you.  If you’re bored with your current routine or not seeing any progress- it’s for you.  If you’re embarrassed that you can’t play with your kids without getting out of breath- it’s for you.

Interested in getting started?

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