Most people seek out coaches because what they’re doing on their own isn’t working. The few of us who can see a few steps ahead seek out coaches because they know going it on their own wont be optimal.

    Either way you look at it a coaches job is to problem solve, to learn from the past, to optimize the future, and ultimately to get results for the client.

    If you’ve got something that needs help- be it a movement or skill you’re working on, some issue outside of the gym that’s affecting your attitude, frustration that you’re not seeing the results you’re expecting, and really anything in between- chance are that your coach has probably seen and dealt with this before.

    Coaches can help, but they can’t read minds (well…actually you’d be surprised sometimes).

    Lean on your coach. Ask them questions. Get to know them better.
    It’s a relationship that is there to serve you.

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