Earlier this year I read the book “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight (the creator of Nike). It’s a pretty incredible story of perseverance. Nearly everyone reading this will have worn a pair of Nike’s on their feet at one point or another, and if you’ve up for a good read I’d definitely recommend it.

    I recently spoke with a member who had requested to cancel their membership. They’d been around a while but not achieving the results they’d hoped.

    I can tell when someone is checked out. Sometimes people turn out to not be a great fit for us, or us for them (it’s ok, my mom still thinks I’m cool), and that’s ok.

    But this didn’t seem to be the case. I think this person thought they’d given it an honest go, and it just wasn’t working.

    Crossfit, when done with the right intensity and frequency, works better than anything I’ve come across. Couple that with well designed programming, an inclusive community, and a culture of respecting hard work….it’s nearly impossible to fail – IF you’re checking off all the boxes.

    I decided to dig a little deeper. I asked a few questions.

    In less than 2 minutes we’d uncovered something I didn’t know about this person. Something that can definitely be a road block to results.

    They’re not going to cancel. We’ve learned how we can help them better, and now we’re going to.

    Back to Phil Knight and “Shoe Dog”.

    Do you know how many times everything having to do with that company should have just vanished into thin air, never to be heard of again? Seriously. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know. Your favourite pair of Nike’s probably should have never existed.
    Phil Knight is not a quitter. He had a vision. He KNEW what he was doing would work- even when it wasn’t.

    Back to you.

    If consistent CrossFit isn’t working for you, it’s pretty simple- there’s something in the way that we don’t know about.

    You don’t need to go do a juice cleanse, or keto, or bernstein, or surgery.

    You need to remove the roadblocks. First, you’re going to need to identify them.

    You may be able to do this on your own, or you may need someone to just give it to you straight.
    Good thing you’ve got coaches to help, and an entire community that will celebrate your success.

    You may be doing great, but what are you leaving on the table?

    Let’s talk. Book yourself a goal review session.

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