What is a bad day really?
    Early on in your journey- any day you get to the gym is a good day. Well, let me clarify; you may be getting your ass kicked by the workouts, but at that point that’s probably what you need.

    When you show up each day, you’re working on the most important thing to check off the list- work out more days than not.

    Somewhere along the line, we start to realize what our bodies are capable of and set performance goals. This is when things start to become a little more fun.

    The mindset shifts from “I need to work out so that I burn off this crappy food I ate” (not exactly how it works anyway) to “I need to work out so that I can deadlift 200lbs. I really want to be able to deadlift 200lbs.”

    Aesthetic goals start to take care of themselves along the way too. We see shifts from “I want to lose this fat around my midsection” to “I need to be leaner so I can do a pullup- oh an by the way I look better naked too”

    Over time we build expectations of our abilities.

    We see workouts come up and say to ourselves “oh this is a good one for me, can’t wait to hit that”.
    If you’re a competitive type maybe you even attach some of your mood to your workouts.
    Been there.
    If you don’t PR, you’re a little off the rest of the day. If you’re double unders don’t cooperate like they should, well let’s just say its beyond frustrating.I actually wrote in my training log years back (I think 2011) that “I’m not interested in doing something that I’ve done before”, meaning every single time I tried something, I wanted to set personal records.
    I will say, it took me a long way.

    But it also lead me to bigtime frustrations, and even attaching way to many feelings to results. It lead me to think that failing the second rep of an overhead squat at 305 when I was trying for 3 reps was a bad day. Or that I wasn’t good enough at handstand walking because I couldn’t go 120ft every time I kicked up.

    There are times when that drive aligns and becomes very positive too. But it’s a fine line.

    Now back to that first question. WTF is a bad day?

    **Read sarcastically**
    Oh- you didn’t PR your deadlift? You only pull 2.3x bodyweight and not 2.4x?

    Did you know that you’re probably stronger than you need to be for just about any “real life” situation you could come across?

    “My double unders went to shit”

    Oh you mean after getting your breathing all out of whack and taxing your muscles in a way that makes higher skill coordinated movements really hard?

    **remove sarcastic tone**

    Something didn’t go your way?

    Good. We just found somewhere to get better.

    The easy thing to do is react, I know.

    But it’s just a test.

    Maybe it’s a test of your resolve. Maybe it’s a bit of a plateau and it’s letting you know you’ve to step up your game if you want to keep progressing. Sometimes this means working harder, sometimes it means working smarter. Sometimes it doesn’t even mean working at all- maybe it means taking a day or two off to come back hungry.

    I want you to step back and look at how far you’ve come.

    No one did that for you. And no one is going to do it for you going forward either.

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