Yes, Sherpa.

    Sherpa are an ethnic group from the most mountainous region of Nepal, the Himalayas.
    They’re known very well for their role in guiding people through mountaineering adventures through the Himalayas, and their history and culture is fascinating.

    I’m going to focus on their role.

    They help people navigate through unknown and treacherous voyages, quite literally through some of the most radical places on earth.
    What they do is crazy to us, but to them- it’s normal; it’s life.

    Is this not happening around us at all times in various ways?

    Parent to child. Senior executive to new trainee. Master coach to less experienced coach. Veteran to rookie. Older sister to younger sister.

    We all must realize as we become more experienced and developed in ANY area, that there will always be those who are wanting to follow in our footsteps, and learn from our mistakes.

    One day, they too will be in position to be the Sherpa.

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