• 5 Reasons Why We Offer the Top Fitness Program in the Stoney Creek/Hamilton Area

    At CrossFit Outlaw North we run what we strongly believe to be the best group fitness program in the city.  It’s a bold claim.  There are lots of great programs and gyms out there. But we can back it up.  Here is some insight into the top 5 reasons why:


    • Results Based Training
      Might as well start off with the most important one of all. People work out to get results.  If you can’t produce results, you don’t get or retain clients- period.  Our members are regular every day folks, but the things they accomplish are not regular everyday things.
      We see folks come in from other programs and are quite often surprised by things they cannot do.  Actually, to clarify that- things that they may haven’t tried, worked toward, or haven’t been made to believe they can do.  Things like squat 1.5x bodyweight, pullups, climb up a rope, Clean & Jerk bodyweight.  These are all really pretty basic things if you have a good coach and a good base of training.  If they sound crazy to you, you may need a new program.


    • Mastery of The Basics
      World renowned Canadian strength coach Charles Poliquin says “The basics are the basics, and you can’t beat the basics”, and he’s absolutely right. When applied to training, this means taking care of the most important things.  If you’re focused on the little details of something but the bigger picture is a mess our coaches are going to help you adjust your focus.  When fixing someone’s movement we focus our attention on the most important aspect, much like a triage nurse. Taking this approach and always coming back to mastering the basics will lead to a long and health relationship with fitness.


    • Experience & Pulling from The Best
      There are those out there that discredit any and everything CrossFit for a variety of reasons. Maybe they don’t agree with some of the movements; maybe they don’t agree with the certification process, or maybe they’re just threatened by it in another way.  That’s none of our business.  Prior to ANY experience with CrossFit, Jay went through a 4 year Honours Specialization degree in Kinesiology, and was a 2-time Academic All-Canadian. Jay and Lacey had a combined 10+ years coaching other sports (gymnastics, track & field, football).  They also both had Univeristy and National level experience in Track & Field, Jay university level football, Lacey International experience in Gymnastics.  These were just the major sports.  Both also had experience in a variety of other sports and fitness activities.
      They have experienced strength and conditioning programs and worked with coaches at various levels pulling the best of what they have learned, and also disregarding some stuff along the way that hasn’t been as effective.  The great thing about owning a gym for nearly 5 years now is not only helping people reach the best fitness of their lives, but it also acts as a testing grounds to improve upon what we have already done.
      In the years since beginning CrossFit, the couple has gathered several other certifications both within and outside of CrossFit. And make no mistake- the training in CrossFit has lead to much higher levels of fitness than anything previous. Lacey has become a member of the National Weightlifting Team.  She represented Canada at the 2015 World Championships, 2016 Pan Ams, was second alternate for the 2016 Rio Olympics, and along the way also broke an 11-year-old National record- twice. Jay has also risen to compete at a National level in two different sports since starting CrossFit.
      How does all this benefit you? The wealth of experience we have amassed and the commitment to continue to evolve means we’re able to offer you the best training possible. We take a pragmatic approach- if something works we use it. Our program will keep anyone progressing for years and years; from complete inactivity for years, to the everyday Joe or Jane, to University and National level athletes. Bottom line is what we have come up with is a program that covers all the bases.  It gets results quick and also sets you up for success over the long term, balances energy system work, allows for recovery of major muscle groups between sessions, balances strength, speed and endurance work, has tons of novelty and is fun, and is about as effective as you can get in a 60-minute window.

    jay and lace

    • So Many Areas to Improve
      At its core, CrossFit is an attempt to bring up all 10 recognized domains of fitness (Strength, Stamina, Endurance, Flexibility, Speed, Power, Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Accuracy). There are those that say that can’t be done; we’ve seen it time and time again.  It is true that training for opposing goals such as putting 50lbs on your squat, and improving your 5k time by 3 minutes will both be achieved more quickly if you pool all your efforts into training for just one of those tasks, but at what cost? This is where understanding your goals becomes important.  Bringing up all areas of fitness is definitely doable, and if the primary goals are to look better naked (better body composition), to generally feel better and have more energy (play with your kids and not be exhausted, increase self confidence through working toward goals), or be able to do cool stuff (learn some new skills and actually enjoy working out rather than feel like you have to),
      In our experience, getting outside your comfort zone and filling in these gaps in fitness leads to enormous results and a uniquely well-rounded fitness.


    • The Community That Won’t Let You Fail
      Community is often cited as a huge reason people train at CrossFit gyms, but it’s not the reason they start. People don’t sign up at a gym to make friends, they sign up to get results.  That’s why “results” was first on the list and this point is not.
      Still- the community cannot be overlooked. Having a place in your life where the community won’t let you fail is pretty powerful if you ask me. Is that true at work? School? Even your circle of friends or family? There exists a lot of jealousy and spitefulness in this world and we’re proud to have built a place where this doesn’t really exist.  It’s definitely not by accident- and it’s awesome.

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