Today’s blog is going to serve 2 purposes-
    1. It’s a big shout out to someone who has been progressing very steadily since last summer
    2. It’s maybe a subtle reminder to the “all or nothing” type, that “all” isn’t sustainable in the long term, and “nothing” sucks. Nothing is what makes you think ‘damn, I need to make a change’ at 9pm on a Sunday.We’re just finishing up our follow-up Nutrition Consults from the January Nutrition Challenge, doing our ‘after’ Inbody scans, and chatting about going forward.
      Lacey shared with me how well Rhonneke has been doing. She’s done 4 Inbody scans now- a measure of body composition, body fat percentage, lean mass, etc.
      Rhonneke has seen steady progress in every category each time, and her take on the whole thing is exactly what we want to see.

      She’s made little changes that have stuck. She’s understanding that when we don’t pay attention to protein intake that it’s very easy to not get enough, and overeat carbs and fats. She’s not making drastic life-altering changes. She’s eating a piece of cake at her daughters birthday party.

      It’s working for her, and it’s going to work for her for a long time.

      If you’re in an office with birthday celebrations and cake every other day, or have a break room when people are constantly bringing in sweets- then you need to figure out a strategy.

      Again- ALL or NOTHING seems great when we’re on track, but the track is narrow and the road is long. There’s no paved shoulder, and there are steep cliffs on either side.

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