Here’s a big shocker- we all have goals we want to achieve, and to be able to do the things we want to do.
    It could be a pullup, 400lb deadlift, have six-pack abs, beat type II diabetes, go skiing without your legs feeling like jello after an hour, stop hitting the snooze and get up earlier, or just look better naked.
    The list goes on. While the end goal is important and might be the thing that drives us- it’s not enough.
    It’s what goes on between now and then that makes if the difference.
    If you’re able to fall in love with the process, you can have whatever you want.

    If not, it will always be up and down and struggling to do what’s needed, then losing motivation.

    We were chatting in the nutrition challenge group yesterday about the workout yesterday and comparing to past personal records and achievements. Of course, the goal is always to inch forward but we must always take a broader view of the big picture.


    Mallorie- I PR’d my overhead squat today and it was so motivating. I’ve haven’t had a lot of PR’s on lifts lately compared to some of my old numbers when I focused more on just lifting.

    Me- I hear you. If I can stay within 90% of some of the stuff I was going years ago when competing and training twice as much I will call that a win. I’m happy to spend time developing other areas of life.

    Mallorie- I also decided to go a little lighter on the deadlifts. 2 reasons: 1) I wanted to compare to my old score 2) I just wasn’t really feeling at my best
    I’m getting a lot better at listening to my body.

    Me- Funny enough, I was actually looking at attendance records today and you’re killing it in that department. Top 3 in the gym over the last 2 months.
    Not as sexy of a stat- but it’s the one that leads to all others.

    Life rewards consistency.

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