We always do a little commemorative WOD as the last one of the year.
    Today it was:

    With a partner:

    Row 2017m
    100 Thrusters, 95,65,
    100 Pullups
    Row 2017m

    But I’m not at home at my gym. I’m in Cozumel, Mexico. (I know how cold it is back home, and I’m sorry) But truth being told, that workout is a moment I’d like to share with everyone.

    I’m a big proponent of keeping certain routines going while away on vacation.

    One of them is getting a workout in before the day gets away from you. It’ll be lunch soon, and I know family will probably have a drink. Those mojitos are calling my name already- I can hear them. But they’re always better once I’ve put in some hard work.

    I checked out the gym with Lacey earlier, and it’s nothing special- but it will do.

    With minimal equipment actually pretty easy to keep things simple and effective, and I figured I would commemorate 2017 in my own little way with a version of Open WOD 17.1.

    Hope everyone had a great year and is as excited as I am to roll into a new one!

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