• The Key to Success is…. Success?!?

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    Success has to come before Motivation

    Read it again.

    Success BEFORE motivation.  Far too often we’re lead to believe (especially in the fitness world) that you have to be motivated to succeed.  You must have this innate drive if you want to make it to the top- or even to get started!

    Well I’m here to tell you otherwise.
    Success breeds motivation.  Study the behaviour of those around you and it becomes pretty obvious.

    I was talking with a couple of members tonight joking about how my high school track coach has a saying about runners.  “Competers and Completers
    He has run a competitive training group for a long time, and it very passionate about it.  “Completers” are the people getting off the couch for a 5k, or the local running club.

    I started to think about it to another layer, and there are so many people who HAVE to be completers before being competers.  I see it all the time. Heck, I was one of them when I started up CrossFit after a period of inactivity.

    People start CrossFit and at first the biggest thing is just getting through the workout without throwing up or quitting.  Before long they are hungry for more, ready to push harder, ready for the next challenge.  When we start weightlifting, we feel like a complete beginner for a long time. Yes, everyone….
    But day after day, week after week there are small successes.  Bright spots.

    Completing a 5k if you have never done it is awesome.  So is your first double under, first pullup and every 5lb Deadlift personal record.

    How do we feel after those things?  Does it make us hungry for more?  You bet it does!

    Success has to come BEFORE motivation.

    So tell me- what are you doing well right now?  And how can I help you reach your next success?

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