In CrossFit, there is a span of 5 weeks starting in February and ending in March that is a particularly special time. This is the time of the CrossFit Open.

As mentioned in the video, The CrossFit Open is the first stage in the CrossFit Games season. Less than the top 1% qualify for the next stage- so for many this IS what they are preparing for. The Open is a special time where people rise to the challenge. They push harder, go further, and get faster times. People often achieve their first pullups, toes to bar, muscle ups, and even personal records in lifts- all because they made the decision to throw their hat in the ring and compete. Not against the world, but against themselves. Can you prove you are better now than you were last month?

At Outlaw North, we take it a little further. In 2014 we introduced a novel concept- The Intramural Open. We create intramural teams within the gym. Team names, colours, the whole nine yards. It’s fun!
The teams compete against one another within the gym, but it’s not exactly what you may think. It’s not just the top performers that score. Points are awarded for top performers in both the Rx and scaled divisions, there are weekly spirit points, and even some little challenges along the way.
At the end the winning team gets their name on a plaque, along with “The Spirit of the Open” winner; a person who embodied what it means to embrace the challenge over those 5 weeks.

The catch… you’ve got to sign up to play.