By the end of a trip I usually get a little restless.
    I’m still trying to get everything in, and enjoy parts of the world I don’t know if I’ll ever see again- but I also start to miss home. My dog, my family, my routine.
    When in routine, working out 5-6 times per week is normal for me. When that drops down to 3-4 I notice it. So when it drops down to 4-5 x over the course of 2 weeks…that’s when I start to crave the routine again.
    It’s a bit of a mental battle to be honest. I want to make time for it, but I also don’t. I want to experience everything that these places have to offer. I want to find little hidden gems in the cities and have a bottle of wine with Lacey while the Eiffel Tower sits behind us a couple hundred feet away.
    I know the gym and my routines will be there for me when I get back.
    By the end of the trip, my body has grown accustomed to NOT working out, which is super weird. Getting started is always harder too.
    Our second last day we dropped in at CrossFit Amsterdam. Beautiful facility, welcoming crew, very positive experience.
    But as we got there and started to warm up I’m thinking “what am I going to have to do today? God, I hope I don’t embarrass myself”. Not necessarily from an outside perspective, but having done this stuff for almost 10 years, you tend to be able to form expectations for yourself fairly quickly when you see a workout.
    The next day we didn’t drop in anywhere, but I started to get that restless feeling a little bit.
    Lace went off shopping and I found somewhere in the downtown core to get my hair cut, then I would go back to the hotel to hit a quick workout before she returned and we started making plans for the evening.
    The workout would be:
    10 rounds (not for time…just do them) of 10 pushups and 15 air squats.
    I didn’t really feel great getting started. I envisioned the intensity that I’m accustomed to within a CrossFit workout. Ugh- this was going to be uncomfortable. But I started. The squats were sort of slow and laboured, pushups weren’t so bad.
    100 pushups, 150 air squats. Done, I can check that off my list.
    But something funny happened.
    I got 7 or 8 rounds in- nearing the end of my planned workout and I thought “what if I go do a few sets of stairs”.  The hotel was 6 floors. A few quick trips up and down and that’d be that.
    Turned out those weren’t so bad either- rather than the 250-300 stairs I planned, I ended at 500, and then went back and did another 10 rounds of the pushups and squats.
    The hardest part is getting started.
    Whether you’re new and trying to forge new routines or a 10 year veteran with CrossFit Games experience…
    We tend to envision the end point and what will be required to get us there- all the possible obstacles in the way, and maybe even some fabricated ones for good measure.
    What happens when we just focus on putting one foot in front of the other? Focus on one squat after the next, one chapter to read or one page to write rather than the whole book?

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