CrossFit is the most effective workout program in the world, but it’s been said that the biggest results from CrossFit are between the ears.

    This blog will briefly explore three pillars of mindset.

    Positive vs. Negative.
    Abundance vs. scarcity.
    Growth vs. Fixed.

    Postive mindset will allow you to see the good. Positive mindset keeps you happy.

    Negative mindset makes you the victim and you build anger and resentment.

    Abundance mindset is the belief that we can all be successful- essentially “there is enough to go around for everyone”.

    Scarcity pits you against everyone and everything. Competition is everywhere. Stepping on and over people to get ahead is normal. Burning bridges and making enemies is inevitable. This works…until it doesn’t.

    Growth mindset allows you to explore and uncover new things. Whether it be taking on new challenges, changing perspectives, or finding and working on your own areas of weakness.

    Fixed mindset will keep you the same. Your strengths are strong, but you have holes. Fixed mindset is almost an unwillingness to shed light on those holes. It’s boring, predictable, and will keep you in the same spot for years.

    Now the tricky thing is that these aren’t all “this or that”.

    They exist on a continuum and I believe we can be one way in a certain area of our lives, and very different in another.

    We can also change our mindset little by little, by the way we respond to things in our environment.

    How has CrossFit changed your mindset?

    How will you continue to change?

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