• The #1 Piece of Advice in Fitness Heading into the New Year.

    The number one piece of advice for anyone taking on a fitness endeavor:


    Consistency on even the worst of programs will lead to progress; while non-adherence to even the best program in the world won’t do a damn thing for you.

    Be careful to select something that you’ll adhere to.

    How? Do your homework.

    Does the gym have a good track record? Check out things like success stories (we hate testimonials, asking for them comes off manufactured).  Be sure to check out Facebook and Google reviews too.

    Do you know someone who goes there? What’s their experience been like? Are their goals being attended to? Are they adhering to the program? Why or why not?

    What’s the value compared to the price?

    This is where it gets a little complicated. Cost is definitely a piece of the puzzle, but there are more important things to consider. We buy big fancy TV’s because they provide a better picture and more features, yet end up watching the same shows. We buy expensive cars for the experience. They still take us from A to B.

    With a fitness program it’s a little different. Features like TV screens and smoothie bars are NOT added value.  They’re distractors. Do they bring you closer to your goals? Actually, they probably do the opposite.

    What about rooms of fancy cardio equipment? They have their place; but many people spending endless hours on them have the goal of improving body composition and it’s been proven that there are TONS of ways to do that more effectively- strength training, high intensity intervals, and bodyweight calisthenics to name a few (we do lots of all of those).

    Many gym-goers are ridiculously inefficient with their time spent in the gym, ineffective in the way they train because they don’t understand principles of training, or simply just fall off altogether and do nothing because of the reasons mentioned above.

    A $50/month gym membership is great if you know exactly what you’re doing.  Most don’t. Putting the ego aside and accepting help can be a hard thing to do, but often times the most successful people (fitness or otherwise) all have coaches.

    Any gym membership is an enormous of a waste of money if you’re spinning your wheels year after year not making progress, or worse not using it altogether.  My money doesn’t grow on trees, and I highly doubt yours does either.

    On the other hand, when something provides a higher value than what it costs- that’s something to hang on to.  The most important thing you can do is find somewhere or someone that can take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

    And finally- be ready for change. Whatever you’re starting, do it with an open mind; and do it without making excuses.

    Everyone has the same 24 hours in day. Your choices dictate how you use those hours. Your choices up to now have lead you to where you are, and your choices now will lead you to where you will be.




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