• Take Breaks, Take Chances

    At Outlaw North what we do isn’t a quick fix.  Make no mistake, as a beginner you will get results quickly.  You’ll lose weight, you’ll gain strength, you’ll even start to notice your clothes fitting better within a couple months.  But we’re still looking for more than that.

    We’re looking for long term change.  A New Lifestyle.

    • Truly feeling comfortable in your own skin.
    • Browsing through a magazine and not wishing you looked a different way or feeling threatened.
    • Appreciating your body for what it can DO, rather than how it looks
    • Training for the pure enjoyment of it

    I want to talk a little bit more about that last point.

    If you have been training consistently for around 2-3 years or more you have probably at one point or another felt burnt out, questioned why you do it, or if you can continue in the long term.

    I have.  Actually more than a few times.  All the details aren’t important but I’ve learned a few important things from feeling this way that I’d like to share:

    1. Training toward a goal is great but it can’t be all about the end goal, and every now and then you need a break. For me, from 2010-2014 this was the CrossFit Games.  It was on my mind every day.  I don’t think I took more than 2 days off in a row ever.  Sometimes I felt I had to train rather than I wanted to.  The day after an unsuccessful Regionals trip it was right back at it.  The word “unsuccessful” is important.  I never truly let myself enjoy Regionals.  It was a mentality of “pass or fail”.  I suspect a lot of athletes are in the same position.
      When you go ‘all in’ for something you need to see it through, but whether successful or not, you need some time to relax and reflect.  It’s a mental break more than anything.  I’m not saying sit on the couch for 2 weeks- what I am saying is remove the pressure.  Get outside, get away from your sport, get away from the clock.  You’ll come back feeling refreshed.
    2. Take a chance. Stop letting fear take over.  Try something new.  Do more.  We talk ourselves out of doing things 100 times over because it’s easier.  This can be fitness related- or not.  For me, I’m learning to take chances in business as well.  I’m also writing more.  Are people reading?
      I have no idea.
      Almost exactly 1 year ago I was talking myself out of driving to Rouyn-Noranda for a weightlifting meet.  What was going through my head? Honestly?
      “What if I drive 9 hrs each way and miss my lifts? What a waste.”, “It’s kind of expensive when it’s all said and done…hotel, gas, registration… is it really worth it?”  My brother kindly reminded me that I can’t predict the future and that I may not have the opportunity again.
      …And here I am writing about a year later.open the door

      But it doesn’t mean I’m immune to that thinking.  The same meet was just held 2 weeks ago and I went through another host of reasons to not lift.  On Friday I had all but made my decision and before leaving I said it out to a couple people in the club that I wasn’t going to lift- and was met abruptly with what a bad decision that was.  “Why not?”
      I didn’t really have a real answer other than it was the easy way out.  When we are forced to say it out loud it seems silly.  I chose to compete and it was the most satisfying weightlifting meet I’ve ever had.  When we free ourselves from fear and expectation and just enjoy the experience we can’t fail.I’ll leave you with one of my favourite videos called “Make It Count”

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