I was coaching this morning, and once again we had someone achieve their first pull-up.

    We meet so many people who say “I just want to be able to do a pull-up”. And I’m very proud to say that I don’t have enough fingers to count on both hands how many have achieved their first pull-up in the last year alone.

    I love these moments, and I think they need to be rightly celebrated.

    These things don’t just happen on their own; and in this case in particular, this pull-up took nearly half a year of training to achieve.

    That’s 5-6 months of working on the building blocks of a pull-up, modifying movements and “hoping” that what you’re doing is working.

    Luckily we’re able to take the guess work out of the equation- we know that what we do works whether our members know it or not.

    It takes belief, discipline, and an understanding of delayed gratification.

    Does this mean they’ll be banging out 20 pull-ups in a workout in the next month? Well, not likely. But it’s a start. It’s a new movement unlocked. We now continue working on the building blocks, slowly adding volume of our newly unlocked movement, and before long someone else is looking at us saying “I wish I could do that”.

    Cheers to all of you that have achieved new movements lately.

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