Outlaw North is a place you get to call home, a place where you get to be yourself and “let it all go”.  You’ll be guided and taught and praised for your hard work.
We’ve created something pretty special here in Stoney Creek; and in early 2016 we started to become known to our members as “The Happy Gym”.
The fitness and the results have always been there, but when we become our members “happy place”, going to the gym no longer becomes a struggle.
We really do have the best members, coaches and attitudes around. Your happiness is incredibly important to us and we want to continue to build a legacy of health and happiness for a very, very long time- because when health and happiness are in place- LIFE IS GOOD.

Established in 2012 by Jay & Lacey Rhodes, the goal was always to help create a healthier and fitter community. In the early days, it was all about the workouts. There weren’t really any “extras”.
Over time we have worked hard to add a full-service Nutrition Coaching program (www.feedyourlifestyle.ca), in house body composition scanning with the Inbody 270, and specialty classes in gymnastics, weightlifting, and obstacle course racing.

In 2018 we’ll run our 5th annual “Intramural Open”. Each year, CrossFit HQ runs “The Open” (learn about The Open here). We do something a little more special with our community.
The members of the gym are put onto intramural teams, just like back in high school. Logo’s are created, shirts are made, excitement is high, there’s friendly banter- and most importantly we have over a 90% signup rate. The Open runs for 5 weeks throughout Feb-March, and it turns what can be a pretty dull time of year into something special.

We also call each December “The Month of Giving” rallying to help those in need around the holidays, donating car loads of jackets and winter essentials, toys, and food. We take groups up to Tough Mudder, local team-competitions around the province, and have hosted many community events of our own- from fun in-house competitions to our 5th year anniversary bash!

Our members find us because they’re looking for a change- what they end up finding is an experience from a gym that they have never before come across in their lives. From the knowledge and coaching ability of our staff, to the delivery of our programs, to the connectedness of our community. We believe the amount of good that you do should match the influence you have. Our goal is to increase the amount of influence each year- and we are proud to have been able to do that so far.