We are home to some of the best coaches not only in the area, but in the entire country.  Owners Jay & Lacey have a combined 25+ years coaching across various fitness platforms (Personal Training, CrossFit, Strength Coaching, Gymnastics, Track & Field) and bring an unparalleled level of excellence to the table.  They lead a strong team who brings passion and expertise day in and day out to make you the best you can be.


Jay Rhodes – Co-owner, Head Coach 

Jay is a natural leader and recognized as a well known CrossFit coach throughout Canada and beyond.  His passion for helping people improve and getting the most out of themselves is evident in every second of every class.  Jay leads by example- setting the bar high and having high expectations in the effort of those around him, both inside the gym and out. Jay especially enjoys program design, and working with our athletes both beginning and advanced to ensure they are reaching their goals.

Athletic History-
2013 Fittest Man in Ontario, 2012 2nd Fittest Man in Ontario, 2011 CrossFit Games competitor, 2016 Ontario Weightlifting Championships Silver Medallist (77kg), 8x provincial champion in Track & Field, 2x OFSAA Football champion, 2003 2nd team All-Canada East runningback, 2005 2nd team CIS All-Canadian

Jay’s education and experience in the field of training and coaching is extensive, including a 4 year honours specialization degree in Kinesiology with several courses in anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanics, and athletic injuries, as well as a degree in Education from The University of Western Ontario.  Jay holds certifications with NCCP, CF-L1, CF-L2, and Pn-1 Nutrition Coaching. He has also studied under top Canadian Weightlifting Coaches, and has developed seminars to teach other coaches how to coach and apply weightlifting into CrossFit programs.


Lacey Rhodes (Van Der Marel) – Co-owner, Head Coach

A natural coach/athlete in every sense of the word. Lacey was always a great athlete through childhood, but has really come into her own through CrossFit. With her background in gymnastics she has an unparalleled sense of body awareness which has allowed her to reach the upper ranks of CrossFit. When it comes to teaching the gymnastics component of CrossFit there is no one better than Lacey.  Her ability to pinpoint exactly where a movement is breaking down and provide the right fix has lead to great success with so many of our athletes.  She runs a gymnastics specialty class that has proved to be incredibly effective at helping our members achieve better pullups, handstands, and improved positions and timing to help achieve greater efficiency in their movements. She has also taught these principles to hundreds of other coaches across North America to help them implement their own CrossFit Gymnastics classes.
Lacey also heads up our Nutrition Coaching program “Feed Your Lifestyle”.

Athletic History-
Canadian National Weightlifting Team Member, 2nd Alternate for the 2016 Rio Olympics, 2015 IWF World Championships Team Member, 2016 Pan-American Team Member, 2017 Pan-American Team Member, 2015 National Champion, 58kg Provincial and National Record Holder, 63kg Ontario Record Holder
2013 Fittest Woman in Ontario, 2011 CrossFit Games Competitor,
2x OFSAA Champion in Track & Field, Eastern Canadian Gymnastics Champion, 2012 Olympic Trials 9th Place – Long Jump, 2012 UFE Fitness Competitor Pro Card Holder

Lacey also holds two University degrees including a Masters in Education.

catrina 2

Catrina Stranges – Coach

A long time member (over 3 years!), Catrina moved into a coaching role in April 2016.  Always smiling and full of energy; she has been one of the most caring and supportive individuals to ever walk through our doors. She’s also seen some seriously awesome results through CrossFit and is very excited to share her knowledge and passion. Catrina works with some of our morning and night classes, as well as personal training clients.


Andrio Nunes – Coach

Andrio has an infectious personality, always smiling and always positive. Andrio is a quiet and humble personality while training, and comes to life and leads when he’s coaching. Another natural hard worker, it’s not uncommon to see Andrio putting in extra work on the regular. Andrio has taken an interest in mobility, and is often seen helping people with specific stretches and showing them how to achieve better positions. Andrio began coaching at Outlaw North in the summer of 2015 and has been a great fit and addition to the team.


Nikki Eckebrecht – Coach

Nikki began coaching us in the fall of 2016 and has been a welcomed addition to the team.  She has a lot to offer as a role model before she even says a word.  Her work ethic is inspiring and always has a great attitude and a huge smile on her face.  Her base of knowledge and experience is extensive.  She grew up playing very high level hockey and continued all through University playing in the USA on scholarship.  She’s been around the CrossFit scene for a number of years as well, and in 2013 qualified for the Canada East Regionals.  Nikki is also a Firefighter with the City of Burlington.


Zane Hussey – Coach

Zane is a hard worker by nature and often times you’ll find his truck in the parking lot during off hours putting in extra work. Zane started as a member in our gym and over the course of about 15 months saw great gains and became a leader in our community. He has a keen eye for proper movement and is great at explaining things in a way that makes sense to everyone. Zane approached us with an interest in coaching in the fall of 2014 and the decision to bring him on has been a great one. You’ll find Zane in the gym most evenings, training and taking on a share of the coaching.


Craig Vandeweghe – Head Coach, Creek Barbell Club

Craig is the Head Coach of our weightlifting club (located inside CrossFit Outlaw North). Craig has been involved in the weightlifting community in Ontario for a long time and coached many athletes over the years and served on the board of the Ontario Weightlifting Association. He is a former junior national champion in weightlifting, and currently trains and competes along side the team. He has a knack for breaking down movement and providing little fixes that pay off in the long run. Craig’s passion for weightlifting is evident and trickles down into our athletes.   Athletes training under him have shown consistent and steady improvement- the hallmark of a great coach.