• No one wants to look like an ass.

    The Nature of The Challenge.

    Challenges are meant to scare us a little.

    Whether it be a 2k rowing team challenge, Tough Mudder, The CrossFit Open, a local 5k race, or even signing up for a Nutrition Challenge.

    They force action.

    Sign up for the rowing challenge and you’ll probably put in a little extra work on the rower, or at least row harder when you’re on it.
    Sign up for the Tough Mudder and it may be a good idea to run some stairs to get ready for the ski hills. Might want to figure out how to get over walls too !

    Sign up for the CrossFit Open and I bet your attendance to the gym goes up by at least 1 day per week, AND you work harder while you’re there.


    Simple.  No one wants to look like an ass when they get tested.

    Sign up for something.  It makes you better.

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