I’ve been writing quite a lot over the last couple of months, which you’ll know if you’re reading this blog. There’s a certain vulnerability that comes with putting yourself out there. It comes in many forms- especially when you create something. Examples include blogs, writing or producing music, an art project, a classroom lesson, or a keynote address, or writing a “bright spot” in our members group, and so on.

    You don’t always know how it will be received. Sometimes I write pieces that I feel are pretty good and get some great feedback. Comments of praise, shares, likes, lots of views, people mentioning it to me in person. Those feel nice.
    Sometimes I post one that’s a little rushed, not my best work- and it doesn’t get too much attention.

    Other times something I put out quickly gets tons of attention and hits the nail on the head- unexpected but awesome.
    And then of course sometimes I feel like I nail it on an important topic and it gets so little attention that I wonder if the link is broken.I’ve learned over time to silence the voices in my head that second guess everything.

    Every time I blog there is an element of fear before hitting “post”.

    Will it connect with people? Will it connect with anyone?! Have I said in 500 words what could be said in 100? Will people even get what I’m trying to say at all? Am I overexposing myself? Am I not exposing myself enough and showing enough vulnerability because of my own fears?

    There’s a line from one of my favourite books, The Go-Giver, about the fear of judgment. The context is about serving coffee- but it applies to anything.

    “Sometimes you feel foolish, even look foolish, but you do the thing anyway.”

    Life needs more doers. 

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