For the month of January there will be more time devoted to the olympic lifts.
    The month starts off with clean & jerk and a back squat max testing. Using these new max numbers, we’ll have a speed strength cycle that follows on Friday’s for a couple weeks.
    Volume for these days will be relatively low and based off Prelipins chart, which is used to determine optimal volume based on specific percentages.

    We’ll see some upper body work such as bench press clusters, rope climb/HSPU super setting, and the testing of a max push press.

    Aerobic power work, while being less than last month will remain consistent as the CrossFit Open is right around the corner. To refresh your memory, Aerobic Power work aims to improve our ability to sustain higher levels of aerobic output and NOT crossing over into anaerobic threshold which we know takes significantly longer to replenish. This work is key for success in conditioning pieces where optimal pacing is vital to overall output. This work directly translates to the CF Open which is right around the corner, as well as our higher-threshold work due to the fact ones level of aerobic fitness is a good predicator of how fast they can replenish ATP for higher output movements like 1-rep maxes.

    Finally, we’ll see 3 past CrossFit Open workouts this months, and some classic CrossFit benchmarks such as “Fran” and the “Filthy Fifty”. These workouts are good opportunity to practice strategy and pacing. Additionally, We will repeat a tester from this past October.

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