• Improve Sleep Quality with 3 easy Life Hacks – Part 2

    Part 2 – Screen Time

    This one can be challenging in this day and age where we always seem to be connected, but it has been shown that blue wavelength light emitted from screens like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronics can disrupt our sleep patterns.

    During the day these wavelengths are not harmful- they actually can boost attention, reaction time, and mood.  But just like we talked about yesterday, the inability to “turn off” at night can be a problem with getting our body into a restful state ready for sleep.

    For the next week, attempt to put all the screens away minimum 60 minutes before bedtime and see how your sleep improves.  Most phones or tablets also have a “Night Shift” option which changes the display of our screens to reduce blue wavelengths.  I personally like to turn that option on after 6pm every night.

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