Ohhhh January. That month when impatience pops it head into plain site.

    New year, new woman.
    New year, new man.
    New year- same approach?
    Many a treadmill, and many a fit bit are bought around this time of year, or many even as Christmas gifts, with the absolute best of intentions. 2 months from now, they are extremely expensive clothing racks, and bracelets.
    They are bought out of impatience.
    So you spent 2k on a treadmill. Did you spend the year prior running 300+ days out of the year and realize that you hate running out in the cold? Is the habit already there? Or did you spend the money thinking it was a solution?
    Same with fitbit. They’re cool little gadgets- and if you actually use the HR monitor to track things like HR variability, or figuring out anaerobic threshold they can be pretty useful.  I’m not saying they’re not worth the money. But I don’t think they’re being used the way people think they will.
    How about rather than buying a fitbit thinking “this will make me accountable”, set it up as a reward when you attend the gym 80 of the next 100 days.
    My guess is by that time you realize you don’t actually need it.
    Impatience comes in all sorts of forms.
    Right around Christmas time I got this almost impossible to resist urge to buy a Nintendo Switch and the new Super Mario Odyssey game. Yep, I’m 33 years old and that little Italian plumber still has a hold on me.
    It was going to cost me north of $400, probably closer to $500. I reluctantly told Lacey about the urge, and she said “just wait”. So I did.
    It’s almost the middle of January and I’m not really thinking about it at all right now. What the hell?
    I think I figured it out though. Although my childhood had a TON of sports and outdoors, I also played a TON of video games. And the Mario games absolutely were my favourite. From my first try at Super Mario Bros. at 6 years old when it came out, to playing the Mario Galaxy games throughout university.
    There was a tradition at Christmas- if there was a new system out, we usually got it- especially when Super Mario was involved.
    Back to fitness…
    January is notorious for people looking for that solution that will fix all their fitness problems- and quick (impatience).
    Some do realize that gadgets aren’t the way.
    A workout buddy is better,
    A coach is best.

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