No this isn’t a joke. This is actually the title of the blog today.

    It’s 2pm, and I’ve put it off until now. I’ve got about 3-4 other blogs ready to go that I’ll post another day, but part of this whole process (for me at least) is about actively creating something each day.

    Some days it’s an old story, other days maybe it’s a quick hitter. I’ll always try to include some sort of lesson.

    Today’s lesson.

    There’s lots of things that we’re required to do that we may not “want” to do.

    That’s life.
    I don’t really feel like writing today… but there are consequences. When you start to do something as a habit, others come to expect of you as well.
    On of my favourite YouTube personalities, Casey Neistat, did a vlog every single day for over 2 years. I think I watched just about every single one. Sometimes 5-6 min, sometimes 15. Sometimes they were just entertaining, and other times I was spurred into action or deep thought.
    Well he stopped posting every day to pursue other things (like selling his company to CNN for $30MIL- this was pretty cool knowing his story). I still watch the odd video, but don’t watch every day. I certainly don’t carve out time like I used to and actively search “ok, what’s Casey got for me today”So- if I don’t want to write today AND I actually don’t do it, there are consequences.

    The audience slowly loses interest.

    I also want to eat ice cream for dinner sometimes. Again, there are consequences.

    I suppose the lesson here is to do the work. Not all work is sexy.

    When you put things off, it never feels like much at the time. That’s why we do it. We think we can get away with it.

    What are you putting off?

    Actually… there is a second lesson here.

    Once I got a few lines in, I actually did kinda feel like writing and the work became easy.

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