I was bringing a young athlete through his first introductory 1on1 session last week and he said something to me in passing that may have been one of the truest statements I’ve ever heard.

    We were discussing the purpose of the 1on1 sessions. Even though he has 6 years of martial arts experience, and is no stranger to a traditional gym environment, there will still be so much to learn in those first few sessions.
    He agreed.

    “Everyone has their thing. I feel like I can learn something from anybody.”

    Wise words for such a young guy.
    I can say with certainty that I wouldn’t have said that 10 years ago. I know better now.

    And while there is no question there is lots to learn and 1on1 is the best way to facilitate that, we’ve also indirectly set up a filter for humble and coachable people that fit our culture. People just like Dan, or any one of the last 20 that have come through.

    The kind you can enjoy working out beside with some friendly competition, have a beer with, or feel comfortable having around your kids.

    That is but one of the things that makes this place special.

    Almost weekly I get emails from “marketing specialists” or “social media gurus” that promise to bring people in droves, or leads by the hundreds.
    We can’t do that without bypassing our processes and disrupting our culture.

    So we don’t.

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