Before I tell you how I would do it- let’s get a few things out of the way

    1. It’s a pretty aggressive goal. Don’t let the “The Biggest Loser” (as inspiring as it was) lead you to believe that this will be easy or even normal. If that were the case, we’d all be walking around super fit. It’s come to light that the methods and practices used on that show were highly unsustainable.

    2. I’m going to assume that we want to do this in a way that is sustainable- with the intention to continue the efforts and not balloon back up.

    What I would do.

    My approach would be a combination of exercise and proper nutrition.

    Let’s talk exercise first.

    I’m all about balance and sustainable habits, so you wouldn’t necessarily catch me working out all day, or twice a day. I would set my schedule and do my hour or so per day- but I would make sure that I was consistently 5-6 days per week. If I was feeling particularly beat up or sore, I wouldn’t throw in the towel that day. I would just make sure I warm up well and maybe go a bit easier.

    What would be my method? CrossFit. That one is easy. It’s the methods of training I’ve personally responded to better than anything else I’ve done in my life…and there have been many others. The blend of strength training and high intensity work is the most proven way to lose fat while preserving and building muscle.

    Now let’s talk nutrition. 

    Quick answer- I would find out how much food my body needs, and then use a fairly aggressive calorie restriction of about 20%.
    More detail- Say my resting metabolic rate requires 1950 cal, and my daily energy expenditure is another 600kcal, then I’m sitting at 2550 cal. 20% of 2550 is 510.
    So I’m aiming for is 2040 cal to be in a pretty aggressive state for weight loss.
    I would then figure out my needs in terms of balancing the macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates).  I would start to track these using myfitnesspal.

    I’d also fill my food allotment with high quality food. Lean meats, lots of vegetables, etc. I wouldn’t completely restrict myself from junk…maybe a cheat meal here and there, but it’s a slippery slope, so I certainly wouldn’t keep it around the house.

    I would probably want to weight myself often, but I would try to resist that urge and do it only once per week. I would try and trust the process as much as I could.

    I think it’s important to include what I would NOT do.

    1. Super low calorie restriction. For example- consuming somewhere in the area of 1000 to even 1400 cals per day. This can really mess up metabolic processes and teach my body to react to food in ways I don’t want. Caloric needs are based on lean body mass- so there is some science behind this. I wouldn’t just guess at it, for the simple fact that it’s my body and it’s too important. I’m also interested in what happens AFTER Christmas

    2. I wouldn’t put exorbitant amounts of pressure on myself. I know that the body doesn’t always “make sense”. It usually does, and there are reasons why things happen, but what I mean to say is that weight loss isn’t linear. I may lose 5 lbs one week, and 1 lb the next doing basically the same things. Stress isn’t going to help me. Actually it can sabotage me pretty bad.

    3. I wouldn’t set myself up in a pass/fail type scenario. Goals are great, but say I lose 15 lbs by Christmas- why can’t I just review and revise the goal and keep going?

    4. I would stay away from fads. Ie. anyone who is selling me supplements (shakes, fat burning pills, ketone drinks), and things like the cayenne pepper cleanse.

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