I was just re-watching a talk from a good buddy of mine, Craig Hysell, who owns Conviction Training in South Carolina.
    We were in Chicago last June with a bunch of other gym owners and he gave a great talk on mindset and motivation.

    Craig is a big Jocko Willink guy. Jocko is a retired Navy SEAL who not only writes and talks about discipline, but lives and breathes it. The quintessential SEAL. And his name is JOCKO….come on.

    His book is “Discipline equals freedom.”

    Craig and I are both mindset guys, and really dig stoic philosophy.

    There was one line that Craig said that really stood out to me.

    “You are a product of your habits. Whatever your habits are- that is what you’re becoming.”

    Craig went on about some of his non-negotiables- and it turns out that his very first one is something that I live by too.

    No snooze button. Not ever.

    It’s been this way for as long as I can remember. Even elementary school and high school when kids are notoriously hard to get out of bed I never had that problem.

    I had to get started with my day- and if I needed an hour before leaving for school and school started at 8:25, then I’d account for some travel time and wake up at 7:00.
    If I didn’t do this- any negative consequences that came about all fell on me (being late, forgetting things because of being in a rush, or somehow getting where I needed to be but having to deal with the stress of constantly being rushed).

    I don’t understand the snooze button or why it even exists.

    If you’d rather get up at 7:15 than 7:00, then set the alarm for 7:15.

    For me, it’s more about not backing out of my first commitment of the day.

    It gets me a little “win” first thing in the morning. I didn’t give in to more sleep. I wasn’t lazy. And I carry on.

    I believe we all need a few non-negotiables in our lives, otherwise we get pulled in all different directions.
    They build character.

    What are yours?

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