February 20th, 2017 – It’s Family Day!

You already have an awesome family. . . but do you have an awesome Gym Family??

Coaches who believe in you and help you exceed your own expectations; who know
when to nurture you and when to pull you out of your comfort zone.
Training buddies who are not only supportive in the gym, but you’ll likely hear from if
you skip a couple days.
An environment that fosters confidence like none other; the only way to fail is to not
show up.

In the spirit of Family Day we’re opening up spaces for 5 new members to dramatically
increase their quality of life (anyone past 5 will go on the wait list until spots open).

Happy gym


  • ‘No Sweat Intro’. Just like it sounds- no workout on the first visit. A consultation
    to learn about your goals, past training history, previous or existing injuries, etc.
  • 60min one-on-one Introductory Sessions with our highly qualified coaches
  • FREE Body Composition Scan (value $40)
  • FREE 30 min Nutrition Consultation (value $50)
  • 2 FREE trial CrossFit group classes once Intro Sessions are completed before
    choosing membership option


  • 3x Intro Sessions – $169
    This option is our most accelerated path into classes. It is appropriate for those
    with some training background whether in classes or going to a gym on their own.
  • 6x Intro Sessions – $329
    This option is recommended for people who have a little less experience working
    out, or perhaps are getting back into it after an extended period of time off.
    Six sessions will give you more one on one time with your coaches to learn new
    lifts and skills, and get comfortable with our training methodology.


Our ‘No Sweat Intro’.  This costs nothing.
Zero down, zero due on completion :)
Simply come in and see if we’re a fit.

To get this process started, fill out the form below and someone from our team will
contact you to set up your ‘No Sweat Intro’.