Exercise, Eating Right, and Killing Zombies.

    This has got to be the first time I’ve ever mentioned all of those things in the same sentence, but stay with me here.

    We all know that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. You can find people out there that will tell you all sorts of things….”results are 20% in the gym, 80% what you eat”, “no it’s 50/50” “abs are made in the kitchen” ….the list goes on.

    Let’s not waste our energy arguing about the specific percentages, because really we’re just guessing, and accept the underlying point- BOTH ARE IMPORTANT.

    Now come the zombies.

    If you’re trapped in a room with 2 zombies and you kill 1 of them, do you still have a problem?

    You’re damn right you do.

    You can do your absolute worst to that zombie. You can hack it up, blow the head off and stomp out the remains (lovely, I know) à la The Walking Dead. But you’ve still got half the issue to deal with.

    I think you get where I’m going with this.

    Exercise + Nutrition [are zombies :)]

    Even the hardest worker in the gym will not achieve optimal results (be it aesthetic or performance) by JUST crushing workouts. All those mornings of skipping breakfast, low protein, overeating, under-eating, too much alcohol… the list goes on. All those things are sabotaging your efforts.

    Conversely- if your nutrition is absolutely on point (most have no idea what that actually is- and it varies from person to person), and you are only working out 1-2 days per week, going through the motions, not pushing hard on your strength work, or not getting uncomfortable on your conditioning…well you know what I’m going to say.

    You’re operating well under potential.

    No one is expecting you to be 100% strict all the time on these things. I know I’m not. We have to live our lives- but when we can get these two things under control to the point where we are strong, confident, and happy the rest of life becomes a little bit easier.

    So…do you have any zombies to kill?

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