Did you know how much of a monster you are? (in a good way!)

    We live in a bit of a bubble inside the gym.

    You may have just started- worked your ass off and deadlifted your own bodyweight for the first time.
    On the same day you achieve your milestone pull, you look around for a few brief moments and see so much weight loaded on other people’s bars that you can’t even add them up without walking over and staring at the bar for 5 minutes.

    Coach brings you into the whiteboard and gathers results.

    3 women have deadlifted over 300lbs. Some of the guys are over 500lbs.

    Is this even real?

    Quick aside:

    Let me let you in on a little secret about training.

    Nobody gets to those weights and performances by accident. They have put in their time. You’ll be there too, if you earn it.

    Months later, you get your first pullup. It’s been a long time coming- MAN did that feel good.

    Back to the bubble.

    It’s easy to compare ourselves to what’s going on beside us.

    You just got your first pullup, meanwhile half a dozen people in your 5:30PM class did over 15 strict pullups.

    It happens no matter what level you’re at.

    The Regional level athletes consider areas of their fitness weak compared to Games athletes, and then Games athletes compared to top 10 athletes.

    There’s no escaping this.

    BUT consider this…

    Did you know how much of a monster you are compared to everyone in your workplace or office? Or when you walk around the grocery store? Or the rest of your family? They legitimately think you are a superhero.

    Think about that.

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