For the month of December there is a significant increase in the amount of “aerobic power” work. This work is vital for improving the ability to sustain higher levels of aerobic work without breaking into the anaerobic threshold and thus using ATP which we know takes significantly longer to replenish. In addition to be essential to CrossFit (in particular the CF Open), this work facilitates recovery so you can push harder for the rest of your training sessions that week. This work also facilitates lipolysis (fat burning) so the list of benefits is lengthy.

    In terms of strength and power development, we will see the introduction of some new movements such as the glute barbell bridge, more specific gymnastics strength work, as well as developing the efficiency with the hang power snatch. Dynamic effort sessions this month you’ll see two movements- the box squat and speed pull deadlift- done twice this month. These sessions are designed to be fast-paced and will do a good job to actually potentiate conditioning work.
    The level of intensity/volume remains similar to other blocks of programming.


    With all the holidays this month holiday workouts have been added to the schedule and accounted for the programming- The 12 Days of Christmas workout is always a huge hit. That will be going down on Saturday Dec 23rd- so make sure to come in for that one!

    We’ve also got some great stuff coming in the New Year if you’ve got specific areas you’d like to focus some more attention on.

    The Nutrition Challenge will take on a couple of changes- namely some more 1-on-1 time with Lacey to create individual goals and plans.

    We’re also going to bring back a couple of specialty courses in Gymnastics and Weightlifting. These are two areas that require lots of skill and practice, and we’ll be able to dive into things much more than in regular classes. We’ve been talking about some ideas as to how to run them better than before as well, based on the different skill levels of the athletes in each class.



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