We ran “Bring a Friend Day” at CrossFit Outlaw North yesterday. Our average day is pretty awesome, but every now and then there’s a day that just ends up being special.

    I coached our 9AM with some of the newer girls bringing in their friends to get their first taste of CrossFit. I knew Nick ran an awesome 6AM class, and I could feel the energy continue.
    In the evening Lauren brought in her brother Paul. Paul competes in the Special Olympics and has a gold medal in bowling. When it came time for our partner workout, I asked him partner up and challenge his older sister :)

    We had a great time, and I later heard that we were the topic of conversation around the dinner table.

    Lauren- Paul can teach me how to bowl any day.

    Then came 7:30 class.

    The energy was something that doesn’t come along very often.

    I said to the group after the workout that it’s very hard for someone to get a feel for what CrossFit is truly all about with one day- except for that class. I think we nailed it.

    Bunch of new people come in- they don’t really know one another, but most are nervous. Some revert to being chatty, and others will be a little more shy. It helps to have their friend there.

    Once we get going, none of that matters. Some are lifting heavier than others, some are better rowers, move faster, or are just a little fitter in general. Doesn’t matter. We’re all working hard.

    By the end, everyone is sweaty, out of breath, smiling and high fiving one another.

    And that’s what it’s all about.

    It’s making fitness not only fun, but something that people WANT to do. And it’s for everyone- for those who would be crushing it on their own but prefer the push of a group and coaching, for those who don’t know enough to do it on their own and need a coach, and for those who straight up would be at home on the couch if it didn’t make them smile and laugh and leave feeling better every.single.time.

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