Is CrossFit ideal for weight loss?

    Absolutely.  But why?

    Well let’s break down the million dollar question…WHAT IS CROSSFIT?

    In short- It’s strength training, conditioning, HIIT, and some longer sustained work.  It’s mastering the basics, and then learning new skills.  Each day is very different, meaning you don’t get bored.  Every now and then we’ll re-test things to measure progress.  It’s scalable to every level, and accessible to anyone- fit, unfit, blind, cerebral palsy, artificial limbs, and the list goes on.  The excuse “I could never do that” is no longer valid, because there are people out there facing unimaginable challenges every day breaking down barriers.

    Providing novelty, fun, and a team atmosphere are GREAT for retention on any program; but ultimately the big question is “Are you getting results?”

    No matter how great an atmosphere, nobody is sticking around if they aren’t progressing.  That’s why we’re proud to have members that have been training with us for over 6 years.

    5 Benefits of Strength Training

    • Build muscle – help combat the natural decline of muscle and bone density, important for everyone, but especially older populations.
      • Increased metabolism – trained muscles means burning more calories at rest (ie. The other 23 hrs of the day!)
    • Increase Flexibility – training through full range of motion provides great flexibility
    • Prevent Injury – strength training leads to stronger tendons and ligaments as well
    • Stronger Bones – more than any glass of milk or calcium supplement can provide!

    5 Benefits of High Intensity Training

    • Efficiency – 10-15 min high intensity workouts produce better results than 60 min of slow steady-state work on a treadmill or elliptical
    • A Healthier Heart – High intensity training is anerobic- aka that feeling where you’re heart is going to beat out of your chest and you can’t catch your breath. Anaerobic training has been shown to produce great aerobic endurance as well.
    • EPOC – not only is high intensity training incredibly effective during, but it also provides enough stimulus to kick your bodies repair mechanism into high gear- known as “post exercise oxygen consumption”
    • Increased Metabolism – High intensity training stimulates production of HGH (human growth hormone) which slows down the aging process- proper training really is the fountain of youth.
    • Lose Fat, Not Muscle – The workouts stimulate fat loss, and muscle growth. Losing weight is great, as long as it’s the right stuff coming off


    OK, I’m convinced I’d like to book a FREE INTRO to learn more


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