• Create REAL change… Start with Behavioural Goal

    This little piece of advice is actually quite simple.  So simple that it might seem silly and is often overlooked.  But don’t be fooled- it’s powerful.

    To create real change we need to change our behaviour.
    Here is a quick guide to setting behavioural goals that can produce real change.

    1. Write down what you want.  Short term, long term, doesn’t matter!  Just put it out there.  You don’t need to share with anyone,  but writing it down makes it much more real than keeping it on the back burner in your head.
    2. What skills or expertise do you need to achieve your outcome?  Write them down.  Keep it simple.
      You want to learn a muscle up? You’re going to need upper body strength. You’re also going to need to understand the transition.  You want to take a vacation every year?  Budgeting your money might be tops on your list.
    3. Have a look at your list of skills and write down a behaviour that you can act on NOW.  This can be easier than you think, and as simple as planning ahead (packing your gym bag the night before), or setting other types of reminders.  Again, don’t over think.
    4. Doing > Thinking.  Try to act on each little behaviour each day.  If you fail to, don’t worry.  Forget about it and start fresh tomorrow.


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