• Rachael Bosma

    Joining outlaw north was one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve only been a member for four months or so but I’ve learnt SO much and had SO much fun and have so many new friends and people that inspire me!
    Even though I was super nervous at first because I’m kind of shy and I’d never even really set foot in a gym before and had never made it past the first tryout for any team in school, (I tried out for them ALL haha) and it was a spur of the moment decision when I first emailed saying I was interested, right from my intro sessions Lacey and Jay made me feel super comfortable and were really patient with my billions of questions (Jay: “do you know what a dead-lift is?” Rachael: “holding it above your head?” Jay: “um nooo…” lol). All of the coaches are amazing and super knowledgeable, and always looking out for all of us and finding ways to scale movements to whatever level you’re at. So there are no excuses not to try it :)
    The one-on-one nutrition class I would 100% recommend, Lacey is brilliant at creating personalized goals and helping you stick to them, and though she makes the process manageable, the results will have you feeling like you’re a nutrition superstar.
    Besides the actual working out, which is really hard but awesome, the culture Jay & Lacey have cultivated is really unlike anywhere else. It feels more like a family (admittedly, a big crazy family) than a gym and I look forward to going all day. Everyone at outlaw is super supportive of each other, regardless of what level you’re at, and everyone celebrates each other’s accomplishments and looks out for one another. You’ll never finish a workout without getting a bunch of high fives and a bunch of smiles after. and I guess that’s why they call it the happy gym :)

  • Mike Castro

    Hey guys,

    Joined Outlaw North over 2 years ago and boy am i glad i did. It truly is a fantastic environment to be in and it stems from the owners/coaches and trickles to the other coaches and members. If you’re ever having a bad day, this is a place where all that is wiped away and you leave a different person. On top of that, you also get in shape and healthy. They’re very willing to help you with whatever your needs are from technique to your nutrition. I highly recommend their one on one nutrition with Lacey, it has done wonders for me!!

    Just been wanting to say thank you to the both of you! You guys and the gym have really openedJust before crossfit my eyes and truly made me understand fitness/health in it’s true format from training expectations and most importantly nutrition. I thought I knew what I was doing but there was a lot that I had no idea about. When I joined your gym, I was almost 220lbs and still definitely climbing up in weight and didn’t understand why because I was “working out”. I initially melted off almost 20lbs and was feeling great and then not long ago

    Just before Nutrition with LaceyI started neglecting my nutrition because I thought since I’m working out hard I can eat whatever I wanted, so I was back up to about
    212 lbs, 44.5” chest, 38” waist and 40” hip. Started working with Lacey one
    on one with my nutrition and a switch went off and it just clicked, we dialed in my nutrition and as of today, I’m down to 190lbs, 39.5”chest, 33.75 waist and 39” h
    ips …..haven’t been anywhere near that since high school and I’m 38 yrs old!! Even with the summer shenanigans and I like to have fun and I enjoy my beer, I wouldn’t lose sight and wo
    uld get back on track right away. I also realized just the other day that my resting heart rate is 48 bpm, that just came to a surprise to me.

    Again, thank you!!!  I included a few pics…..one from just before CrossFit, one just before doing the nutrition with Lacey and one from this morning.

    This morning



  • Ashley Talbot

    Crossfit has changed my life. It’s not just the exercise (which is transforming my body faster than I thought it would), it’s the inclusive team environment. I got on the team without a tryout and I’ve never once felt self conscious at crossfit. If I have a bad day, it’s no big deal now because I am guaranteed to give and get a bunch of ‘high fives’ at the end of it! I can do so much more with my newfound strength. I’m addicted to crossfit and the atmosphere at outlaw north!

  • Adam Profetto

    CrossFit Outlaw North has changed my life. And what it has shown me may actually be pretty surprising, and perhaps something that can be extended to the other realms of your life outside of fitness.

    It’s not about the strength. It’s not about the technique. It’s not about the mobility, or the nutrition. It’s not about the consistency, or the will power.

    It’s about the people.

    Never in my life, have I been surrounded by such a positive, happy and fun loving group of people. And that positivity, happiness, and fun loving atmosphere garners an attitude towards fitness that cannot be measured.

    And with positive people around you come the will power, comes the consistency, comes the desire to better your mobility and master the technique, and in the end, comes the ability to grow stronger than you ever imagined possible.

    But remember, it starts, with the people. I once told a friend of mine that it feels like I won the lottery by I choosing Outlaw North as my CrossFit Gym amongst the handfuls of ones in the area, and to this day, I stand by that.

  • Cara Persia

    This place is honestly rated five stars for a reason! I came into CrossFit Outlaw North in all honesty by accident, but I can tell you it was the best mistake I have ever made! To be clear, I like most had never lifted weights PROPERLY ( these guys will let you know what’s good trust me) beyond the odd medicine ball and the occasional set of dumbells. Within three weeks of being at CrossFit Outlaw North, I was able to deadlift 200 pds PROPERLY!!!! My whole life I had wanted to be stronger, but like most teenage girls I had been under the belief that I would begin to start ‘bulking.’ That, I was taught, was, in fact, the furthest thing from the truth. The staff at CrossFit Outlaw North is incredible! They are so helpful, patient and motivating; they helped me want to be the best version of my athlete self! I had the pleasure of training with Lacey for two weeks, and I cannot say enough good about her! Being coached by a team Canada weightlifter, you can be sure you are being taught the proper way to do things. If you are looking for MAX results I highly recommend personal training. Lacey and I also worked on nutrition, and her suggestions have influenced a lot of my university eating habits. The atmosphere at CrossFit is infectious! On my first day people who only knew my first name were pushing me, why on earth would I want to work out anywhere else!

  • Alana Aquino

    I have such a general love and appreciation for the outlaw family! I love coming in- regaalanardless if it’s 6am,9 am or in the evening, and seeing all of the supportive people around. Whether it be advice on nutrition (and reminding me of my goals haha), form, technique, latest recipes or life in general, the outlaw team never ceases to amaze me. I am very lucky to be part of such an awesome team who not only supports but encourages one another to push themselves to be the best they can be.
    A year ago today, I walked into my first “drop in” at Crossfit Outlaw North. I didn’t expect this building to become such an important part of my life.  I am thankful every day that I get to work out and spend time with such an amazing group of people I am lucky enough to call not only friends but family.
    Thanks for an amazing year, can’t wait for many more!

  • Chris Roberts

    chris robertsJay/Lacey – Hope you guys are having a great weekend, i just thought i would drop you a line to show my appreciation and thanks as some pretty big goals and PR’s have been reached this week and I believe you and Outlaw North had a huge part in. Late January of this year i came to Outlaw North looking for a new way and stay in shape and improve over all health. What i have experienced and come to learn i believe has been life changing and far more then expected. What i didn’t tell you as i have been combating depression for over a year and in early January of this year the next steps for me was medication. I refused to come to a chemical for this problem and searched for something in desperation that there has to be an outlet or way around this. The values, methods, mentalities, compassion, and over all way of life around CrossFit and the Outlaw family has blown me away. The physical changes over the last 6 month have been amazing i have not felt the energy level like this in years and had no idea how much fun big weights can be. But the mental and emotional changes truly have been remarkable the whole CrossFit way of life has opened doors and provided tools that has allowed me to move forward with life in general with a completely different outlook.
    On Friday i was told by my doctors i am no longer required to attend my meetings (weekly) unless i feel they are needed and to be honest i don’t think they were needed months ago. Today also marks my one year of life without tobacco after smoking for almost half my life. From me and my family thank you, and know what you guys are doing is not just a gym or rec. sport it changes lives.

    *This email was sent only 7 months in to his CrossFit journey. As of 1 year in things are going even better for Chris and he is working to help others in a similar situation.

  • Felicia Din

    FeliciaHere is my story on how my CrossFit journey began… So about 3 or 4 years ago I actually called your gym inquiring about your classes and CrossFit. At the time my lifestyle couldn’t fit CrossFit, financially and practically. So, I continued to just go to five star and do my regular workouts. I’ve always struggled with self-motivation and constantly would give up if I couldn’t accomplish what I wanted. About a year ago or so I needed a change in my gym routine and wanted to try something new. That week I ended up calling you and coming in for my first intro. To be honest I never knew what CrossFit was, but I just knew I wanted to try it. After meeting you and Lacey for the first time and learning a bit about you guys, I got a really good vibe and just felt good about myself knowing someone was willing to help me accomplish something new and achieve the goals I set for myself. One of the first things you guys showed me was how to squat. I remember trying to squat and never making it “ass to grass”. Through your training, tips, and motivation I finally understood and was able to do a proper squat. When people talk about CrossFit and you hear words like “snatch” or “clean and jerk” it seems so foreign. In my intro class with Lacey she showed me what “snatch” and “clean and jerk” was and to be honest not as scary or hard as you think. The motivation and confidence Lacey gave me helped so much, telling me how strong I was really gave me that extra boost I needed. Working out at the gym on my own I always focused on singular muscles or target areas to obtain my goals. However, going to CrossFit it’s an insane total body workout and I LOVE IT! It is designed to make you not specialize in anything, but to be good at everything. I love that CrossFit is for everyone with no judgement passed. It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in or how old you are, every workout is tailored to everyone’s individual fitness level. I love how you’ll never get bored, there is always a killer workout, and there is always a challenge and new goals to achieve.

    Since I started CrossFit I feel stronger and better about myself being able to do workouts I never thought I could. Beating old PRs is one of the best feelings, seeing the growth and results in numbers feels awesome. I still have room to grow and achieve goals I have pushed back before in my life. I know keeping with the Outlaw family I will achieve this and gain the confidence I never had before.

    My bright spots are showing up to class and giving it my all, beating old PRs, and setting new goals. Accomplishing double unders for the first time in class yesterday made me feel really good. Also telling Sam to join and seeing how far she has come means a lot. At other gyms she wouldn’t have the confidence in herself to lift or do a workout and now she kills it at CrossFit. Proud of you Sam keep it up!

    Thanks for the help from all the coaches and the daily motivation in the gym! :)

  • Chelsea MacIsaac

    IMG_5530-0.JPGHey guys, I hope you are enjoying your time in Cuba! Happy New Year! So I was just writing to tell you that I was offered and accepted a job in Fort McMurray. I start on January 20th so I have to get my ass in gear to get out there, you can imagine all the things I have to get organized. Though, it is a great position and I hope I will gain a lot from it. That being said, I will obviously not be able to continue at Outlaw North. What can I say about Outlaw? It sure has brought me far in my personal goals and taught me that fitness is a constant commitment and not something you achieve and then coast. It has taught me that fitness and strength is more beautiful and is worth more than what society usually defines as beauty. It has taught me to respect my body and all that it can do as well as appreciate it for it’s form, strength, and weaknesses.

    I will always remember you both as my coaches. You have both given me the attention that has allowed me to succeed even past what I thought was possible. You make me feel comfortable every time I step into the gym. One thing that I always wanted to tell you that you probably don’t realize, is the impact that a “Hello Chels!” can make. On more than one occasion I didn’t want to go to the gym but I made myself. Whether it was work or personal situation, something made me feel unmotivated or down in the dumps. On those occasions I stepped into the gym and heard a friendly and genuine ‘Hello’ addressed to me. It often made my day. To be accepted and welcomed somewhere when other parts of my life were not the best, really made me feel part of something; part of a community. Hello’s are invaluable.

    I also want to thank you for recognizing personal achievements even when they are not the most impressive in the gym. It is nice to be praised even in the shadows of someone else’s grand achievements. It helped me stay motivated and maintain perspective. I hope I can take that lesson and apply it to other parts of my life.

    [Chelsea is now back with us, which we couldn’t be happier about!]

  • Akeem Lynch

    akeemOkay sooo I’ve never been good a grammar or writing stuff.. soo good thing you and Lacey are teachers! Lmao well free to fix and grammar or re word things if they don’t make sense.. Since starting my crossfit journey at outlaw north.. My idea of fitness has been turned upsided down. Before starting crossfit i was that late night gym rat that worked 3-4 times a week, only seeing mild results. I was about 285 lbs and 6f tall. I was still very active playing football and soccer during the week. I still remember saying to Jay Rhodes (coach/owner) “I wanted lean out and get stronger” and Jay just grinned and said “oh you will”. Once i did the introduction classes, I knew this was the most direct route to achieving my fitness goals. My first month was in October being at Outlaw North, i was about 268 pounds. After only a 3 month and numerous WODs my weight dropped to 235lbs. My cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance climbed to new heights. This just fueled my new biggest passion. It was around May i reached 203 pounds. All the Olympic weightlifting and WODs did more then i could have even imagined. Crossfit at Outlaw North has changed many things on the my outside, but its done much more on the inside. which I could never obtained at another gym.

    My only regret about Crossfit at Outlaw North, was that I didnt start it sooner.

  • Jessica Coombs

    FullSizeRender (10)I just wanted to say how excited I am to compete in my first open!! I’m also signed up for my first competition, Beach WOD, with a pretty sweet team which I’m pretty nervous about but I think excitement trumps the nervousness! I’ve wanted this competition to be my first for a few reasons but this is the main one..
    A couple years ago I went with Zane to watch him compete in Beach WOD and at that time I wasn’t really into anything anymore.. I had been an athlete all my life and went to the gym a lot but once I started university things started going downhill fitness wise and I was the heaviest I’ve ever been with no motivation to get back into it. Being on a beach with a bunch of people who did crossfit was SUPER intimidating and a couple people from Outlaw kept asking when I was going to join and my answer was always I’m not sure… I don’t know.. But by the end of the weekend after seeing everyone compete I felt the motivation to go after it again and told everyone who asked on the Sunday when I was going to come in to the gym and my answer was TOMORROW and that’s what I did! Starting crossfit gave me my sense of motivation back so I think having Beach WOD this year as my first competition is kind of a milestone for myself and to go back to the place where I first started my journey with Outlaw and crossfit in general and to actually compete is going to be awesome!

  • Summer Badawi

    Outlaw North is so much more than a space to get a workout in. The family and sense of community at this gym will be your motivation when you feel as though you can’t continue — and having that support alongside amazing workouts will be mentally and physically transformative. I promise.

    I was so nervous to start (as so many people are) and besides the fact that some of the exercises looked like I would NEVER be able to do them, the fact that it was a group environment at crossfit really terrified me. So did the weights. And the boxes. And the jumps. AND THE ROPES!?!?! AND ALL THE JACKED PEOPLE OH LORD!

    Is it scary? Sure. Think of the first time you tried anything and you were probably nervous. But it’s such a smart approach to fitness coupled with a strong and caring community that all of that will fade away. If you are thinking of taking the plunge and really challenging yourself then this is where you need to be.

    I am so grateful to know the owners and train beside them — they are such positive, talented role models in my life now. And that goes for all the coaches they have alongside them, too.

    I know that there is a stigma associated with crossfit and I think outlaw goes above and beyond making sure that none of those ideas hold true for this gym. It’s the favourite hour of my day and I am so thankful for that!

  • Afshin Rezvani

    Looking for something you will love and keep you highly motivated! You have to give this “box” a try. Just one try and you will be hooked.

    It is so refreshing to be in a community of people who are all trying to better themselves, both physically and mentally. CrossFit definitely challenges your body, but to me, it is more of a mental challenge. When I am surrounded by people who hold themselves to a higher standard, it pushes me to do the same. All of this transfers to other areas of my life.

    To the team at Outlaw North, this is more than just a few inspiring words during a tough workout, it is the overwhelming attitude and desire for each and every member there to better themselves, WOD after WOD. Thank you Outlaw North.

  • Brigette Roberts

    Just over a year ago my husband joined Outlaw North. It didn’t take long before I could see it was sometDSC_0265hing special. He was so amped telling me how tough the “WOD” was that day or about “hitting a PR”. I had no idea what he was talking about, but I could see it was something different.
    Finally this January I joined as well. It was the most humbling and intimidating experience. I walked into the gym and heard music blaring, saw rings and ropes hanging from the rafters, barbells stacked in one corner, rowers lined up along the front, and a group of incredibly fit and sweaty members killing the WOD!! I couldn’t imagine ever keeping up with that.
    All of those things I thought were intimidating, are what I look forward to every week. I love walking in and seeing everyone working so hard, and pushing themselves for no other reason than because they want to. It makes you want to do the same. I love looking around at all the equipment that was once new to me, and be excited to take on the challenge they’ll give me. Since my first time there, I have never walked through those doors without anything but anticipation and a smile.
    With incredible encouragement, Jay and Lacey coached me through my three Intro classes, and before long I was bit by the bug too. The knowledge and experience these two have is something I’ve never seen from a personal trainer or fitness instructor. There’s absolutely no comparison! They’re there to teach you how to be great and push yourself to a place you never thought you could go. It’s so empowering!
    They bring such a positive attitude into the gym, and it’s contagious. You feel it when you walk in, and it stays with you when you leave. I believe good people attract good people, and Crossfit Outlaw North is a perfect example of this. You see it in all of the members and in every coach.
    Now only three months later, I can’t even recognize the person in the mirror – not just physically, but mentally too. I feel stronger and more positive. I’m so proud of my accomplishments and look forward to achieving more.
    I love that this has become such an important part of mine and my husband’s lives, and most importantly it’s something we can do together.
    I encourage anyone thinking about trying something new, to make the first step and walk through that door. I promise you’ll be back!

  • Carla Mantel

    carlaI joined Outlaw North in December of 2013. I had been to a couple CrossFit gyms before that, both of which suited my needs at the time, however, I needed a bigger push. I came across Outlaw from a friend I knew that trained there. I was reluctant at first as I live on the other end of the city. Over 30km one way! Jay and Lacey took me in as a recreational athlete, and developed me into the athlete I am today. I hAve grown tremendously in the last 14 months, both physically and emotionally. Jay, Lacey, have such a passion for the sport; pair that with a couple of teaching degrees, and you have a power couple that knows how to cater to any level of athlete. The excitement to come outlaw everyday doesn’t get old, whether it’s to lift heavy [shit] and let the stresses of the work day out, or to catch up on the lives of the countless friends I made there. I can honestly say outlaw has turned a bad day into a great one just from all the positivity that bursts from its walls.

    CrossFit Outlaw North is truly one of a kind. Here I am a year later, a year stronger and so excited to see what the next year at Outlaw brings me.

  • Chris Mlnaric

    chrisBefore starting CrossFit, I considered myself to be in relatively good shape. I was a regular at a “chain” gym and was very active with playing sports. My first intro class at CrossFit Outlaw North changed that. I quickly realized that I had only begun to scratch the surface of my abilities. CrossFit took what I thought was a great workout and made that my warm up. At each class, I was pushed to my limits, both mentally and physically, and then encouraged to break through them. Looking back, I would have never thought I would be able to climb a rope or have the strength to squat double my body weight. It was only with the coaching, dedication and encouragement from Jay and Lacey, owners and coaches at CrossFit Outlaw North, that I was able to achieve what I did. With their experience in fitness and natural ability to teach, they helped me excel on my strengths, while working on and building upon my weaknesses. From ensuring proper form to weight selection and scale of work, Jay and Lacey were there with me every step of the way. On top of all of that, they have created a dynamic atmosphere at the gym that makes everyone feel welcome, regardless of age or ability. You know you’re at a great gym when you get excited about someone else achieving a personal milestone, just as if you had done it.

    For me, CrossFit Outlaw North has given me greater confidence in myself, that if I work hard, I can accomplish anything that I put my mind and body to. No more hesitation. The word “can’t” doesn’t exist anymore… instead it’s “one more”.

  • Erica Cuda

    ericaLeaving this gym is the hardest thing I’ve had to do – besides leaving my mom and my friends (all like, 3 of them). I’ve said this before but you all have no idea of how much you’ve changed me. As a matter of fact, I would have never been able to accomplish all the things I did this last year if it wasn’t for you. It has completely transcended all physical aspects and given me the courage and strength to do things (eg. Finally gathering the strength to move away – which was in no way or form easy for me but something I’ve wanted to do for years). I can’t thank you all enough. There have been many times in the past few months where I’ve been down and going through some serious things, but I always knew that coming in would make me feel better. Not just because I could take it out on the barbell but specifically because the moment I walked in I was greeted with a smile and a bunch of amazing, supportive people. I looked forward to coming in everyday. I have a hard time opening up to people but you all feel like family.
    Anytime the coaches believed me in me and pushed me to go heavier (when I didn’t think I could) and then I did it…you have no idea how happy that made me. You’re all amazing at what you do.
    Everyone else – whether I saw you twice or I saw you everyday. Thank you for even the smallest of encouragements or laugh. The new members are so lucky and they don’t even know.

  • Paul Cooke

    IMG_5573.PNGThe first time I stepped through the door of Outlaw North I knew it was the place for me. The energy. The positive and very motivational vibe was palpable. Everyone working hard and yet each and every person urging everyone else on. To do better each and every day. Not to compete with each other, but to compete with themselves. To push harder and farther than was ever thought possible. That’s where I am right now. Whenever I get together with the early birds I find myself being motivated by all of my classmates and instructor alike. In just a few short weeks I am stronger and fitter then I have been in a very long time. I have a long way to go yet but I know I will get there with the support I receive every time I go to the gym. No one judges. Everyone encourages! Jay, Lacey, and Lep are incredible trainers and instructors. I know I will reach my goals with them by my side. Thanks for what you’ve done and all you will do to help me get to where I want to be.

  • Heidi O'Neill

    IMG_0986Before I stepped foot into Outlaw North I had a hate on for Crossfit. I was one of those “Crossfit Haters” who had decided to knock it down before ever trying it. I thought that all it was setting you up for injuries, bad form and a money grab. Well was I ever wrong (And I never admit that I am wrong so this is huge). On June 27th 2015 at 9AM I walked into Outlaw North. I was not sure what to expect when I walked in but had the mindset of I will try one class and never come back.  A friend had basically dragged me there. Again was I ever wrong. I came out of the hour class with an all time high. I felt on top of the world and was instantly hooked.  I immediately contacted Jay and Lacey and it was a done deal. I was officially a member of the Outlaw North Family… I say family because this gym is not just any old gym it is truly a family. It amazes me how friendly everyone is and how such a wide variety of personalities and fitness levels can do the same workouts at the same time cheering each other on.  Since starting CrossFit I have become a better person, inside and outside of the gym.

    I will leave you with the old saying…
    Don’t judge a book by its cover…
    Don’t judge Crossfit till you try it…
    You will be surprised! Come on in!!!

  • Trista Vermette

    trista & jesseCrossFit Outlaw North is a place that I will forever call home, filled with people I consider as family. My name is Trista Vermette, I joined Outlaw North in July of 2013 after having recently relocated to Stoney Creek. Before joining Outlaw North, I spent my days walking the dog, cleaning and re-cleaning the house, and maybe too often enjoying a nice glass of wine. Previous to Stoney Creek, I was living in Kapuskasing, Ontario ( it does exist, it’s small, very far up north, but it’s on the map!) Spending much of my time with family, working, and my many outdoor hobbies. What could Stoney Creek possibly have for me? I had already had it all! But as weeks passed, Jesse and I found ourselves bored, and friendless. This is where Outlaw North comes in! I decided to join as I spent my days at home alone while Jesse was busy at work. I started with my intros. I begged Jesse to come to the free intro session. I’m sooo glad he finally agreed. As we walked up to the doors, Jesse turned and said ” Do you see what they’re doing? Can we go home now?”. gasp. No we have to at least try it! Well as it turns out, Jay just about killed all of the intros in the baseline workout. The next day I woke up rejuvenated, sore, VERY sore, but I wanted more! I decided to continue with the intros and joining as a member immediately after.

    Something weird happened, I couldn’t stop talking about it. Anything and EVERYTHING crossfit. From the snatch to wrist wraps,to those weird shoes they all wear. And really, do they need 2 pairs of shoes??!! I was in love! and still am of course. Jesse got sick of hearing about it and decided to joing as well. Now we had something to look forward to every day and even on the weekends. And it wasn’t long before we were building great friendships with our fellow outlaws.

    Out law has taught me so much not only with exercise but with nutrition and community as well. I am very lucky to have had such amazing coaches to teach me from a beginner. I would not have gained the skills I have today if it were not for their persistence and strict methodology in progression with certain movements. I would not have ever pushed myself to the limits that I have, without the encouragement of my fellow athletes. I am forever grateful for my time at Outlaw North. After 10 short months, Jesse and I were relocated. With this came great sense of loss for me as I was moving away from my new friends and family. It has been 7 months since I left. I have been to other boxes but nothing seems to compare in the coaching department nor in community.

    Thank you Jay and Lacey for all that you have taught me about CrossFit and about my physical self/ limits .

  • Dave Esposto

    david espostoI walked into Outlaw North two years ago not knowing what to expect. I tried other gyms in the past, but found them boring and monotonous. From the outset, coaches/owners Jay and Lacey were welcoming, courteous and encouraging. The careful, caring and personal nature they showed made it easy for someone like myself who is naturally shy to open up and not feel shy about getting fit and weight training. The community at Outlaw North is great too. Being able to push yourself to the limit without fear of criticism makes getting into shape fun! Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or looking to change your existing fitness routine, this is a great place to be! Passionate coaches and a community of like-minded people who are always there to lend a helpful hand or advice, Outlaw North changed my life and it will change yours too.

  • Melanie Datema

    melanie and alanI came to a turning point in my personal fitness when I joined Outlaw North. The encouraging and knowledgeable coaching I’m receiving there has given me confidence to try new things. There is a fantastic camaraderie among the members giving the gym a comfortable environment to grow stronger and healthier.

  • Melissa Wood

    melissaI actually can’t believe it myself. But since I have been spending more time with you guys, my speed and endurance has picked up. My pace has improved by 30-45 seconds for my race. I don’t tire easily and my recovery time has improved as well. I have started to push myself to the next level, crossfit has given me that edge that a lot of runners don’t get because they just run and don’t improve their overall fitness level. At 39 years old I am running stronger and faster than I ever have. Thanks!! When people ask what I have been doing different I say, CrossFit Outlaw North here in Stoney Creek, it’s amazing.