I think it’s fair to say that probably every single one of us has been scammed at some point or another.
    It sucks. In a moment of clouded judgement I lost $80 to a street hustler in Miami nearly 10 years ago.
    What little money I had was stretched by going to Florida in the first place. $80 was the better part of my spending money… and now it was gone.
    Zero chance of getting it back. Wow that was stupid.

    As much as we like to think we’re logical beings, much of our actions are carried out through emotionally driven behaviour.

    Enter the fitness industry.
    I went through Kinesiology and I really wasn’t sure how I’d end up using it when it came to adult life and the working world. But I knew it was what I was most interested in learning about. It always had been.
    There’s so much garbage in the fitness industry that it wasn’t really comforting to think about working in it in any respect.

    If you’ve watched any late night TV then you’re familiar with all the ridiculous informercials. Shake weights, diet pills, vibration stands, and more garbage.

    We’ve all heard the news of supplement stores getting busted for peddling steroids, or the gyms that are full of guys on gear- likely the reason why women’s only gyms became a thing come to think of it.
    And finally- there’s the nutrition scams.
    “Cleanses” or “Detoxes”
    Monavie, Isagenix, and the latest…exogenous ketone supplements.

    I would say “ask a coach or professional” but these days the ones touting the results of these supplements are also the ones who benefit by getting you to purchase the product through them.

    Something to think about.
    The supplement industry isn’t all bad- in fact there is some great stuff. But it requires some research and critical thinking.
    My final advice would be this:
    Do your absolute best to avoid quick fixes. If they worked, no one would have any of these problems- right?
    Spend your hard earned money on the process. Coaching, learning, education.
    Not the gear, not the shiny things.

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