• Create REAL change… Start with Behavioural Goal

    This little piece of advice is actually quite simple.  So simple that it might seem silly and is often overlooked.  But don’t be fooled- it’s powerful. To create real change we need to change our behaviour. Here is a quick guide to setting behavioural goals that can produce real change. Write down what you want.

  • Why I’m Against Re-Do’s in The Open

    Spoiler- I’m not totally against them. For those in the top 50ish that will be pushing to make Regionals it’s probably almost a necessity at this point.  Gone are the days where you can just cruise through The Open.  There are simply too many fit people out there trying to make it.  The difference of

  • Keys to Success for Snatching in the 2016 CrossFit Open

    Here are some tips to be successful on 3 very different types of workouts: 1) 1RM Snatch, or a heavy snatch complex. I have a sneaking suspicion we may see the same sort of thing we saw with the Clean & Jerk last year in 15.1b 2) Open WOD 13.1 17 min AMRAP 40 Burpees

  • The Importance of Models

    You may have the Victoria’s Secret fashion show circled on your calendar from weeks out….and that’s great.  But those are not the models I’m going to talk about. The models I’m referring to are people or systems we can follow, imitate and learn from. In my life I can think of tons of examples where

  • Technique vs. Intensity in CrossFit – Why Scaling is so important

    As CrossFit has exploded over the years a lot of things have changed.  The Games have changed from essentially a backyard BBQ on a dusty ranch to a spectacle of fitness that awards over 1 million dollars in prize money.  Reebok has come on as a title sponsor (anyone remember when Inov-8’s or chuck taylors