• 3 Reasons We Love Orange Theory, Bootcamp, and Other HIIT Trends

    When it comes to health and fitness we are happy when someone makes the choice to get off the couch and make some positive changes in their lives. That happiness isn’t dependent on them signing up with us.  We believe that people will seek us out when they are ready for serious change. It’s not

  • 3 Keys To Hitting A Snatch PR In 17.3

      17.3 is upon us and many will be put in a position to have to hit a snatch PR.  Some will rise up- in fact our 6AM class already had some great success.  For some, maybe that next bar is a bit too big of a jump? Did you see Nicole Carroll’s advice on

  • Why I Cried

    To truly want something and take no action is the ultimate injustice to oneself. -Jay Rhodes Yep, I just came up with that right now. Two years ago today I lost a very close friend. Our time on this planet is finite. Maybe I’m thinking about that a little more than usual at the moment.

  • A Simple Trick to Improve Insulin Sensitivity and Trigger Fat Loss

      Here is another little gem to pass on from Charles Poliquin. You may be surprised to see what addition to your diet is, and how easy you can add it to your diet. Link to Charles P’s article – A Simple Trick to Improve Insulin Sensitivity and Trigger Fat Loss

  • Improve Sleep Quality with 3 easy Life Hacks – Part 3

    Part 3 – Stretch! We all many sources of stress in our lives.  No matter the cause, it promotes tension in the body.  The muscles are said to be in a hypertonic state; aka higher tension that normal.  One way to combat that and release the tension is to stretch, and the perfect time to