“In 1979, a passenger jet with 257 people on board left New Zealand for a sightseeing flight to Antarctica and back. However, the pilots were unaware that someone had altered the flight coordinates by a measly two degrees, which would put the plane 28 miles east of where the pilots assumed it was going to


    One of the best feelings we can have in the gym is when we accomplish something we’ve never done before. First muscle up. First Pullup. First handstand. Being able to walk on your hands. Snatch PR’s. Clean & Jerk PR’s. The list goes on, but those are some big ones. From time to time I


    During the month of May, we’ll be introduced to new gym benchmark workouts, as well as a few classic CrossFit Benchmarks. The short answer to “what is the focus” is that we are improving all aspects of fitness 365 days a year. Essentially becoming more well-rounded to handle a variety of tasks, and improve individual


    My first personal training client back in early 2010 had a very specific goal when she started. Laurie wanted to be 131lbs. Why 131 lbs Laurie? That’s what I weighed before my trip to the UK about 8 years ago. Hmm… ok. We got started. I had a fairly good understanding that based on her


    This is the first blog post from a newer female client. We’ll call her “Mary” (not her real name), and she’s the wife of Jim, whose story has been published here. Same as Jim, Mary didn’t want to share at first. Now she’s allowing me to tell the story through their eyes. Jim thinks he’s