I wrote in a little bit more detail how participating and competing in sports have given me a lot of structure in my life. (you can read about that here)

    I’m far from unique in this regard.

    I’m 33 years old now. No longer trying out for the football team. No longer putting in hours on the track to prepare for meets.

    I began playing sports at a young age. By the time I was 6-7 years old, I knew that the evenings were going to involve sports or some form of physical activity.

    I started playing hardball, and my younger brother was finishing up with tee-ball before getting into hardball as well. For probably 8 years, 4 nights a week were spent at the ball diamond. We also played basketball- but that was usually only once a week. For over 10 years I had track practice between 3-5x per week. When football season came around practice was 5 nights per week. When I started working out at 16 years old, I needed to figure out how to fit that into the big picture too.

    CrossFit class is now my practice time.

    There’s never been a question of whether to work out or not.
    It’s just what I know. It’s part of my day.

    Be an athlete.
    Find your practice time.

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