• Athlete Spotlight: Dave Bosma

    A big thank you to Dave for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us and answer some questions. Dave was not the average client coming in; this is his first gym- period.
    After some self reflection and a not-so-subtle push from his daughter Rachael, he got started.
    We think you’ll enjoy reading these as much as we have.

    Coach: Dave your progress of the last eight months has been nothing short of inspirational. It’s not too common for someone to start CrossFit and have it be their first ever gym experience. Talk to me about that. What caused you to make the leap, and what sort of feelings came along with that?

    Dave: ​Well first off I would say Jay, you are very gracious in your comments and character, which is indeed part of the culture of Outlaw North that all the members enjoy on a regular basis​. Lacey and you have successfully instilled your own convictions into your business, which makes it an excellent place to come to. Your question requires me to reflect on your comment regarding my regular attendance, and I am quite sure if Outlaw North was not the environment it is, I would not  attend as much as I do. So first off, a big thanks to you and  Lacey.

    So yeah, what made me join is a great question. Of course my daughter Rachael had a substantial influence on me, as i watched her literal and figurative transformation in fitness and attitude.  It was pretty incredible to see her commitment and the pay off she gained. I believe she understood this was something I not only needed, but that she also wanted for me. On top of that I also having turned 50, was reflecting on life etc. ;my goals and where I saw myself in the future. You see having a family and businesses you can invest a lot of your time into others and not have much left for yourself. I would get my breaks of course as I enjoyed fishing, golfing and water skiing once or twice a year, but just had this sense I was not the man I was once physically, and maybe to a greater extent mentally also. I recalled comments people had made to me  years earlier how they enjoyed working with my company mainly due to the fact that I was always positive and they felt that was refreshing. I certainly wasn’t feeling totally positive for a number of years though, just kind of worn out. I eventually made a decision that I needed to cut back on my responsibilities and invest some time into myself somehow. I managed to do that late in 2016, and then for Christmas Rachael got me a gym bag, water bottle, skipping rope and Outlaw North T shirt…message received! Just the little push I needed yet I suppose.

    Early in the journey. Dave under the barbell, Rachael practicing handstands.

    Early in the journey. Dave under the barbell, Rachael practicing handstands.

    Coach: You’re one of the most consistent members. At what point did you start to realize this is something that you’re going to stick with?

    Dave: Ha, I don’t recall making that decision​, I think it was made when I signed up for the intro classes. I was pretty committed this was necessary for myself already as I was weak and totally out of shape. I used to play some pick up basketball years back and there was an opportunity to play again. The bitter reality hit me that I couldn’t even do that even if I wanted to and that really made me disappointed, but also convicted this was not acceptable for myself. The first time you and I met you said it would be tough in the gym, but out the door I would see a lot benefits also. That stuck with me. I do remember the first few intro classes and I was looking around like “yeah right, you gotta be kidding me!” I was so totally out of shape so everything was a significant challenge. Squat….ah nope, down is OK, up not so much, push up….not even close, sit up…help I’m stuck down here. Second intro class I was trying to get through 12 burpees and was fading and somebody said “don’t stop”…that was great advice. Sticking with it at this point is pretty easy as I really enjoy it, the work, the people, and the routine.

    No one ever questions whether SuperDave is having fun in the gym.

    No one ever questions whether SuperDave is having fun in the gym.

    Coach: Talk to me about some of the physical benefits you’ve seen up to this point.

    Dave: Physical benefits, right across the board. I just feel better, I can do more, I have lots of energy and the capability to not consider things as “can I do that” but yeah, I can do that!​ For the last 10 years or so I would do some slalom water skiing once or twice a year to see if I could still do it. If you have done it you know how demanding it is on your entire body. As you get older you can”t take  physically demanding activities for granted anymore. Last 4-5 years was becoming increasingly difficult to not only just get on top of the water, but to ski for more than 60 seconds, it just being too difficult due to lack of energy and strength. This year though I was quite shocked at the ease of getting on top of the water and skied for some time comfortably.The recovery time was near immediate and I was like, yup, it’s all paying off now. Also if I am with a bunch of guys my age, I am like, I could kick your asses…ha ha, just kidding. People have noticed the change in me physically for sure, not that it is very important to me, but always nice to know your efforts are paying off.

    That fish can easily go overhead for reps now.

    That fish can easily go overhead for reps now.

    Coach: Has CrossFit influenced​ your life outside of the gym as well? This could be physical, recreational, or psychological. If so, how?

    I suppose it has for sure. If you feel better about yourself physically, and mentally, knowing that you are working on maintaining and improving your health, it carries over into your confidence. ​The gym has a way of stripping away social barriers quickly with everyone working on a common goal and busting their butts to do it. It’s pretty awesome the positives gained from that even when you’re at the back of the pack. You realize it’s about you and your commitment, but also about them and their accomplishments. People are  enjoying their own journeys of accomplishments, but also yours, that is cool.

    Coach: Your affectionately known in the gym (and I’m sure many other circles) as “SuperDave”. Knowingly or not, you inspire people every day as a model of consistency and work ethic. Is there any advice you could give to people who may be struggling in those areas?

    Wow, that is pretty humbling as I look to quite a few of the members that way myself. Definitely the encouragement I have received from a large number of the members has been amazing and helps me personally stay committed to the regular work and attendance. ​But your question is for advice, never easy to give as everyone’s circumstances are different. My two cents would be, who are you and what do you need to do to be that person. We can get off track occasionally for sure, but no one can make you succeed at anything.  These things we have to do ourselves, you have to work at it. Having only been a gym member for 8 months and in my 50’s I can’t really comment on how to consistently stay fit obviously, but I can say from experience in other things in life, that consistent effort typically gives consistent results. There are really no shortcuts in most circumstances. I read a great Henry Ford quote the other day, “people over estimate what they accomplish in a year but (seriously) underestimate what they can do in ten.”

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