Now that the CrossFit Open is over it’s a great time to introduce some new movements and a new template. Our new template now will include an additional upper-body day which means that our upper-body work will consist of:

    • Max Effort Training
    • Dynamic Effort Training
    • Repetition Work

    This is also a great time to establish some new goals. Many of you have had amazing progress throughout The Open, and are maybe more capable than you previously though. With the inclusion of an additional upper body day, will have the ability to build toward some of those more upper-body demanding movements. Pulling movements such as pull-ups, muscle ups, rope climbs; and pushing movements such as pushups, handstand pushups, ring dips.

    The blend of conditioning work will remain consistent in terms of high threshold vs. low threshold, but this particular block of programming will include alactic work which requires short bouts of intense work followed by longer rest intervals.

    Expect to see an increase in GPP measures (loaded carries) this block and subsequent blocks as this work will be included in specific conditioning pieces. Keep your eye on pacing recommendations as always.

    Max Effort Lower

    1) Back Squat 2RM (1RM Done 1/1)

    2) Conventional Deadlift against a band

    3) Zercher Box Squat 1RM (Last done 12/18)

    4) Power Snatch Clusters 1.1.1

    Max Effort Upper

    1) Jerk 1RM (Clean + Jerk 1RM done on 1/1)

    2) JM Press/Row Superset

    3) Weighted close-grip chin-up/Dip Superset

    4) Close-grip Bench/Row Superset

    Dynamic Effort Lower

    1) Speed Front Squats

    2) Ultra Wide Sumo Deadlift

    3) Speed Back Squat + Heavy Set

    Dynamic Effort Upper

    1) Speed Bench Press

    2) Week: 3 + heavy set

    Conditioning Pieces

    1) Southie (Last done 11/20)

    2) Greenhouse

    3) Abs of Steel

    4) Girls Gone Wild (Last done 12/9)

    5) Adrenaline (Last done 12/1)

    6) Johnny Cash

    7) Bear Grylls (Last done 11/17)

    8) Batwings

    9) Isabel

    10) FGB (Last done 12/16)

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