My first personal training client back in early 2010 had a very specific goal when she started.
    Laurie wanted to be 131lbs.

    Why 131 lbs Laurie?

    That’s what I weighed before my trip to the UK about 8 years ago.

    Hmm… ok.

    We got started. I had a fairly good understanding that based on her body composition at the time (she was a farmer- and pretty darn fit by societies standards) that with her weight being around 150 lbs at the time, 131 lbs might never even be possible unless we starve her to it. And we are NOT doing that.

    I knew I could help her. Fitness would come along, no doubt- but mindset would be where we could REALLY make some ground.

    Laurie lived in a very male dominated house.

    Her husband was a big burly dude, and she had 2 teenage sons- both hockey players. Laurie took care of everyone, and didn’t really take much time for herself. Did I mention she was a cattle farmer?
    She would come in dead tired some days. She’d tell me about how she’d been up since 3AM wrestling cattle. No really. Sometimes the cattle would get out, and she would physically wrestling them back into their pens.

    Sleep or not, Laurie ALWAYS came to the gym with hair done, nails always painted, bright white smile. She’d come to the gym in designer leather jackets. She was always done up. Even without all the glam Laurie was beautiful- though I don’t think she had any idea.
    When she spoke about herself and her own goals, however, her posture would change. She would play small and her gaze would drift to the side or to the floor.

    I wish I had more time to work with her. Eight months later, Lacey and I moved to Stoney Creek.

    We made some good progress, and I know she started thinking some of the stuff she could do was pretty cool.
    You know those turkish get up things we do sometimes? She could do that with a 70lb barbell (the same weight as the pink KB- but harder balanced). She built up to a 235lb back squat too.

    We were heading in the right direction- but we never saw 131lbs.

    And what if we did? Is it really going to make her happy? For how long? …and then what?

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