Spend a full day with Coach Jay Rhodes and World Team Member and National Record Holder Lacey Van Der Marel learning technique and progressions that built a champion.

Over the years we have gotten better and better as coaches, spending countless thousands of hours teaching, cueing, and correcting.  Our ability to spot minute details while seeing the big picture and provide meaningful feedback for any lifter has increased immensely.  Our aim is to share our knowledge and love for weightlifting with others.

This seminar is appropriate for both athletes and coaches looking to improve their own technical proficiency and gain insight into how to teach others.  Main topics include teaching progressions, optimal positions in the lifts, proper bar path and corrections.  Having taught the lifts to hundreds if not thousands of athletes, we have a unique ability to adjust to the group based on where the athletes are at whether they come from Weightlifting or CrossFit.

A typical seminar day might look as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Extended warmup and stretching
  • Snatch (instruction, theory, hands on lifting)
  • Lunch break
  • Shorter warmup
  • Clean & Jerk (instruction, theory, hands on lifting)
  • How teachings relate to CrossFit
  • Question & Answer period

A full day may start around 9am and come to a close at 4pm, but we are generally pretty flexible with those times depending on what works for the hosting gym.

For info or booking please contact jay@outlawnorth.com.