There’s a little cliché saying “If it were easy, everyone would do it” that bears some truth.

    CrossFit is no different. This stuff ain’t easy.

    You will be sore sometimes. You’ll have to adjust your schedule. You’re going to want to clean up your diet because our bodies don’t run well on fast-food.

    Maybe you’ll have to get up when it’s dark out and 20 below because that’s the window you have to work out and still see your family at night.
    You’re going to have to confront weaknesses and do things you’re not the best at.
    You’re going to have to come in with the right attitude because these things aren’t easy to overcome.

    You don’t get to be weak- that’s not a viable alternative.

    If all those things sound tough- and they do- here is the payoff.


    Soreness? You’re tissues are working hard to repair your muscles and adapt to these new demands. Soon, you will be stronger. A year from now you won’t even recognize the ‘old you’.

    Adjusting your schedule? You’re busy. We get it. So is everyone else. But you’re not too busy for your own health and wellness. It’s too important. We meet people like ‘you 10 years from now’ all the time. They agree.

    Your nutrition? Yeah, you’re going to want to pay attention to that. You should be anyway. But if not, don’t worry. We can help with that too.

    Those cold dark mornings? Yep, they are tough, no doubt. Everyone recognizes that.

    It’s all worth it when you can see your family at night AND your kids think Mom & Dad are superheroes.

    Confronting your weaknesses? No matter what it may look like in class, we’re all doing that. It’s challenging. Probably as much mentally as it is physically. Keep going.

    Your attitude? This might just be the most important of all. If you can consistently employ a beginners mindset you’ll be open to learning and improving. If not, you’ll be closed off and judgmental. This stuff ain’t easy, and if you come in with the wrong mindset it will beat you down and break you.

    Over the years I’ve heard so many people cite that “CrossFit made me a better person”. I know it’s true for me.
    The virtues displayed in CrossFit gyms around the world every single day are not only making people better in the gym but (maybe even more importantly) better outside of it.

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