• 3 Keys To Hitting A Snatch PR In 17.3

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    17.3 is upon us and many will be put in a position to have to hit a snatch PR.  Some will rise up- in fact our 6AM class already had some great success.  For some, maybe that next bar is a bit too big of a jump?
    Did you see Nicole Carroll’s advice on building up even with bars that wont count toward your score? It’s not a bad idea.

    Whatever the case may be, here are a few tips that will no doubt help as you step to that heavy barbell.

    1. Visualize Success

    I don’t think it’s necessary to work up to the weight beforehand, but it most definitely is important to visualize yourself being successful at the weight. From everything to your approach, setup, breaking the bar off the ground, finish, and the feeling you’ll have with that sucker overhead. Run through it in your mind- and then again another 15 times.

    1. Be Unforgiving In Your Warmup

    Are you maybe a little relaxed with movement standards in your warmups? Not today you’re not. Make sure your movement is perfect. Be unforgiving. Call your judge over and make sure your reps will count if you’re not sure. Train hard, compete easy.

    1. Give Yourself Time

    In this workout, everyone has that one bar that they’re just not quite sure how it will go. The best advice I can give you is to give yourself some time. If those early rounds are easy, use them to get ahead of the clock. I’m not saying “all out” because there’s that tipping from which you can’t recover; but move diligently and then when the time comes that you step to that heavy bar, take a few breaths. Compose and make every rep count.

    Best of luck !

    Coach Jay

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